Clickable Impact’s Proven 3-Step System for Growth Takes Businesses to the Next Level

Clickable Impact’s Proven 3-Step System for Growth Takes Businesses to the Next Level

Significant business growth is every entrepreneur’s ultimate aspiration. And at an age when the market is ever evolving as a result of the boom of the digital genre, business owners must constantly find ways to create a strong presence for their product and services. Clickable Impact is making it possible for business owners to achieve long-term and consistent growth through a tested and proven three-step program that is easy to execute. 

Clickable Impact is an e-commerce growth agency that is best known for its impressive success rates when it comes to guiding companies in achieving remarkable growth using online digital marketing. Its three-step program for business growth is made up of acquisition as the first step, followed by retention and expansion. The first step is all about transforming strangers into buyers. Clickable Impact captures their interest through various online platforms which include Google, Youtube, and Facebook, among others. The first step is always about offering an irresistible product or service, something that will entice them to buy right away. 

Retention is where the magic of growth marketing takes place. Entrepreneurs should not be satisfied with a customer’s first purchase. The real revenue starts when the same customer makes a second purchase. A second purchase is an indication of a fully engaged client, someone who is satisfied with the brand and has come back for more. Clickable Impact ensures that first time clients return for more purchases. The last step in the program is expansion, being able to continue communicating with clients using their preferred platforms, from email to social media platforms.

Established in mid-2017, Clickable Impact is dedicated to help small and medium-sized businesses harness the limitless potential of digital online marketing to scale their companies to a significant level. Since its founding year, the company has managed to serve over 27 companies coming from different industries. In recent years, it has also managed to convince business owners that digital marketing is a sound and promising investment that often results in impressive ROI when carefully executed. This transformation in terms of promotional mindset has paved the way for the remarkable successes of all their clients. 

Over the past 11 months, Clickable Impact has helped 14 companies grow their sales past $1M – $10M+ in annual revenue.

Caroline, the CEO, stated, “I’m impressed by our team time and time again. We have been able to build 7, and even 8, figure companies out of nothing, and we’ve only been in business for 3 years.

The team at Clickable Impact is made up of some of the industry’s highly skilled and well-experienced e-commerce specialists, Facebook ads experts, and certified copywriters who produce superior content. Having been founded on the single most important goal of helping businesses move in the right direction, all of its employees believe in the value of accountability, knowledge, and professionalism. The team’s mindset revolves around the importance of taking full responsibility for the quality of their work, giving clients that confidence that their output is well-planned and carefully executed. 

While many digital marketing companies focus on vanity metrics, Clickable Impact is more concerned about a sustainable growth for all of its clients. By paying attention to the small details that matter the most, the company reassures clients that its team is looking after their long-term welfare. As the company adds value to their clients by providing services that are reliable and highly effective, success is an inevitable outcome for everyone.

CEO profile:

Caroline is a hustler, adventurer, and visionary. She’s chosen her career path out of the fun and most challenging passions — the things that she loves: dance, finance, data, fashion, and entrepreneurship. She currently is scaling her ads agency, Clickable Impact, and her dance footwear business, bSteps Dancewear, which she started junior year of college at UCF. Clickable Impact has grown from 2 to 30 employees in the past 3 years in business, with a majority of them having graduated or taking classes at UCF. bSteps has grown from 2 to 6 employees.

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