Team Kekoa Launches as a Vertically Integrated & Turn-Key Real Estate Investment Partner

Team Kekoa Launches as a Vertically Integrated & Turn-Key Real Estate Investment Partner

Since the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic, health and finances have taken top priority in countries worldwide. With both going hand in hand, governments and individuals have decided to take careful steps in securing each in their daily lives.

A fine avenue promoted to guarantee and grow finances is through investments. Dedicated to guiding people looking into dipping their funds, Team Kekoa brings exclusive real estate investments to the table.

An all-around veritable real estate company, Team Kekoa is the brainchild of Kekoa Lwin, who was determined to use his keen eye for investing to help other people. A lauded investor, Kekoa has been investing in real estate for 20 long years. In that time, he has successfully flipped a whopping over two hundred homes across Hawaii, Seattle, and Las Vegas.

While living his dream through the past two decades of investing in real estate, the astute entrepreneur began to realize the importance of becoming vertically integrated. This would allow a smoother transition from one segment of the business to another and, ultimately, provide a better and more comfortable experience for the investors he and his team serve.

His realization became the groundwork of Team Kekoa, the turnkey real estate investment partner which offers the full suite of real estate services. Setting itself apart from similar ventures, the company takes on many shapes and sizes to fulfill its mission.

Team Kekoa has a real estate brokerage to assist in purchases and sales, a hard-money lending company for bridge loans and fix-n-flips, a licensed general contracting company, and a full-service property management company.

The real estate investment company is designed to triumph in its industry and will do so for a long time. Bringing in Kekoa Lwin’s sought-after expertise and trade secrets, Team Kekoa is rapidly gaining the trust of an extensive nationwide clientele and a reputation of guaranteed excellence.

As a vertically integrated real estate solutions provider, the company allows individuals to be as hands-on or as hands-off with the investment as they like. “Besides the ultimate accountability we have by being involved with our clients from start to finish, we also have to ensure we are delivering on our promise of bringing quality investment opportunities to our clients,” Kekoa shares.

Taking these opportunities, Team Kekoa will then work with clients from Point A to Point Z, ensuring their success every step of the way. By doing so, the introduced investment opportunities will pan out to the outcome assured by the real estate investment company. 

Furthering their service, Kekoa Lwin reveals, “We also thrive in making sure the transition from each segment of the process of owning real estate is seamless.”

With the trusted and successful investor Kekoa Lwin as Team Kekoa’s founder, the all-around real estate investment partner will be raising the standard and leading countless people to financial independence. While inspiring quality investments in passive income properties in a few key markets, the company plans on going nationwide in merely half a decade from now.

Follow Team Kekoa’s journey as it guides individuals to financial prosperity through multifamily real estate investments amid the pandemic and beyond. Learn more about the brilliant venture and the ingenious mind behind it by visiting the company’s official website.

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