Angel Kaba Celebrates Unity in Diversity through Dance

Angel Kaba Celebrates Unity in Diversity through Dance

There are a handful of things that bring cultures together despite the tremendous ethnic divide. One of those things is the art of dance. And this truth resonates most for Angel Kaba, a choreographer, dancer, producer, and director from New York City who works endlessly to draw people groups together through the power of dance. 

Angel Kaba is the founder of Afro’Dance New York, a unique dance company that seeks to celebrate African and Caribbean cultures in the land of the free. The dancer moved to the United States to pursue her dream of becoming a professional dancer. Today, she reaps the benefits of her labor and looks now to widen her horizons. “Being an Afro-Caribbean woman from The Republique Democratique of Congo and Martinique, my creativity strength has pushed me from an immigrant to an internationally recognized choreography and artistic director,” shares Angel Kaba.

The French professional dancer and choreographer first pursued dance at the age of six. She grew in the practice of ballet and would spend more than 15 years in it. She would later study Music Theory and Theater at The Music Academy of Brussels in Belgium. She would also pick up a degree in Marketing and graduate with honors in 2005. Angel Kaba graciously merges those two paths into one as she seeks to grow her movement, Afro’Dance New York, to greater heights. The dancer also runs a creative digital marketing agency for “passionpreneurs” like her.

Recently, Angel Kaba has announced that Afro’Dance New York will be hosting The Afro’Dance New York Kwanzaa virtual event, a live-streamed dance collaboration of over eighty dancers across various genres. On December 28, 2020, the event will happen via Zoom and seek to unite cultures through interpretative dance. The collaborative effort will feature performances in various dance forms, including Kongobeat, Kizomba, Afro-fusion, Hip Hop, Urban Street Jazz, Heels, and many others.

Afro’Dance New York, or ADNY, began in 2013 to become a platform that celebrates various communities and global culture mainly through dance. The organization offers classes that are a rare mixture of new generation dance genres, timeless African influences, and street culture. These classes are an excellent environment for beginner dancers. The music the group uses features musical trends from the Congo, Ivory Coast, and Angola.

Angel Kaba’s career has stretched far and wide, allowing her to work with some of the biggest brands, including Coca-Cola, Nutella, Levi Strauss & Co, Fructis by Garnier, MTV, NBC, Snapchat, and Universal, to name a few. She has performed on various stages, on television commercials, and in music videos.

The dancer founded the dance technique known as “Ka’frican,” which brings together hip hop and Afro-urban dance styles into one movement. The genre explores “groundedness while keeping a strong focus on rhythm and musicality,” as Angel would put it. The technique trains people better to understand their control over certain parts of their bodies and incorporate them into urban street styles.

As an Afro-Caribbean French dancer with roots from Congo and Martinique and now resides in the United States, Angel Kaba is the epitome of “multi-ethnic.” She hopes her life will shine as a light that will bring cultures together in this time of great division. 

To learn more about Angel Kaba, Afro’Dance New York, and their upcoming virtual event, visit their Instagram account.

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