Jessica Ceballos and Spanish Barbie Find Success Online

Jessica Ceballos and Spanish Barbie Find Success Online

“You can have anything in life if you dress for it!”

That’s an impressive and bold statement on the Spanish Barbie & Company website. Entrepreneur Jessica Ceballos founded the company with a vision of bringing diversity to the fashion industry, providing high-quality garments to suit every body and style.

Who is Jessica Ceballos? She’s a fashion model, influencer, and CEO of Spanish Barbie, with offices based in sunny California. Jessica decided to test her business skills, founding the online store, “Spanish Barbie & Company” in 2020.

This Latin beauty is turning heads on social media and in the world of high-fashion. Her selection of garments with Spanish Barbie features trend-setting designs, with high-quality fabrics and exquisite, unique cuts.

Jessica Ceballos – Influencing Online Fashion

Jessica Ceballos has over 65k followers on Instagram, and her follower count keeps increasing at breakneck speed.

Take a glance through her account, and you’ll find elegantly produced content featuring this stunning beauty in an array of fashionable poses.

With a heavy emphasis on hot pink as the color theme in her posts, this Spanish beauty poses in seductive positions that emphasize her natural beauty and curves.

Scroll through the feed, and you’ll see her hot pink Jeep posing with the rest of the Spanish Barbie crew. Jessica uses her Instagram to build her personal and business brands, and she does it with style.

This woman knows how to use social to her advantage, with her posts attracting thousands of likes from adoring fans. Her IG account’s engagement is through the roof, with thousands of adoring fans commenting and liking her content.

It’s no surprise that Jessica decided to leverage her social media following, creating the Spanish Barbie & Company brand. 

Spanish Barbie reflects Jessica’s personal fashion style, embracing women with curves and sexy figures. The brand promotes itself as all-inclusive and diverse, making it for all women, not just Instagram influencers.

Finding a Flair for Functional, Flirty, and Fashionable Design

The launch of the Spanish Barbie & Company online store was a smashing success. Jessica’s dream of bringing a unique style and flair to the fashion world came true in 2020.

She saw thousands of sales in the companies first year of doing business, with the market loving her clothing line.

Jessica credits her success with Spanish Barbie & Company to her natural entrepreneurship skills and fashion sense.

Jessica always received compliments on her wardrobe choices, and she decided to take her fashion sense to the market, establishing one of the most successful independent brands of 2020.

Spanish Barbie & Company produce a line of garments with unique and attractive designs. The company boasts it provides exclusive designs for any occasion, whether you’re heading to the gym or the office.

The Spanish Barbie range focuses on beautiful, attractive designs that catch attention. The company only uses the finest imported and locally-sourced fabrics for its garments, with all designs going through Jessica for approval.

Spanish Barbie & Co – Shopping Is Therapy

“I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet.” – Carrie Bradshaw.

Open the Spanish Barbie & Company website, and you’ll find that quote on the homepage. It’s a statement that sums up the companies offering and range.

According to the Spanish Barbie team, “Shopping is therapy, so treat yourself, doll.”

That statement sums up the theme of the site. Spanish Barbie & Company produce garments for the modern woman. The company capitalizes on the latest fashion trends, bringing you a range of the hottest garments for each season.

Spanish Barbie & Co-Creating an Inclusive Range for Every Woman

Spanish Barbie & Company brings you a range of high-quality garments for any occasion. They have an excellent selection, a comprehensive offering, and plenty of garments to suit any lifestyle occasion.

Spanish Barbie & Company offers its garments in six categories.

  • Church – Keep it classy for formal occasions.

  • Basic – Your everyday wear with a Spanish Barbie touch.

  • Barbie – Dress to impress with this range of exquisite garments.

  • Flirty – Catch your partner’s attention and drive them wild.

  • Gym Doll – Look your best when you’re working out.

  • Holiday – A range of sexy and stylish gifts for the occasion.

There are dozens of garments available in each section, and Spanish Barbie & Company offers you free shipping on all orders above $75.

Overall, the company’s product range consists of garments with unique and exquisite designs. They offer high-quality garments featuring top-quality materials and elegant finishes.

Spanish Barbie & Co – Do It for the Gram!

Spanish Barbie & Company is a social brand, and the company does 100% of its marketing on social, emphasizing Instagram as the primary strategy for its campaigns.

Jessica showcases her personal brand on IG, where you can find the latest content of her posing in the latest additions to the Spanish Barbie & Company line.

The company understands that social plays a heavy role in marketing in the digital age. For this reason, the company relies on a separate image from Jessica, with her taking the lead role as the company ambassador.

Follow the official Spanish Barbe & company Instagram page, and you’ll find classy images of the latest additions to the brand’s range.

As mentioned, the company does all its marketing through social, creating massive amounts of engagement with fans.

You can join in on the fun and post a selfie on IG of yourself in any Spanish Barbie & Company garment. Tag your image with #SPANISHBARBIEANDCO, and you stand a chance for the company to feature you on its website.

Spanish Barbie & Company encourages you to “Do it for the Gram!” Take the challenge and follow Spanish Barbie & Company on Instagram.

Jessica Ceballos and Spanish Barbie – Influencing the Future of Online Fashion

With Spanish Barbie & Company climbing to new heights in 2021, expect Jessica Ceballos to continue her journey to social media stardom. The Spanish beauty has plenty of potential lined up for the year, with her company and social profiles set to skyrocket.

Keep tabs on Jessica and her company’s rising success. Follow Jessica Ceballos on Instagram.

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