Cryptic Records CEO Sayendra Basu on the rising tide of Electronic and Pop music in India

Cryptic Records aims to strengthen the love and popularity of Electronic and Pop music in the diverse listenership of India through an array of new releases.

Kolkata, India – Sayendra Basu,the CEO of one of Asia’s upcoming Record Labels, Cryptic Records, talks about the growth of Electronic and Dance music in India and the rising demand of OTT platforms. The award winning CEO who founded the Record Label at just 19 has already garnered major accolades in his two-year journey, with major contributions to the music industry. Within a span of two years, the label has crossed millions of streams worldwide and has been supported by some of the world’s largest radio stations.

Sayendra talked about the welcome embrace towards EDM and Pop in India and how the introduction of newer streaming services and catalogues acted as a catalyst for the same, pointing out the influx of global genres due to the power of mass media. “There was a time when India relied on television and radio as the primary source of music. But with the change of music, there has been a change in methods of listening to music and we have to keep up”. The label follows the idea of an open Record Label and accepts all genres of music, believing in diversity. As an artist himself, he always saw how difficult it was for budding artists to present their music to the world and he decided to step in with the label, creating a safe platform for artists to connect with their fans. The label also provides affordable promotional and marketing services, helping artists carve their spot in the industry. With a diverse catalogue of music ranging from Electronic and dance to rock, jazz and lo-fi, listeners have a delectable list to choose from.

With the aim of bridging the gap between artists and listeners, the label has worked closely with upcoming artists from India and worldwide, providing them with professional support and a stage to display their talents, creating an arena for the inclusion of Electronic music in the lives and cultures of India by hosting EDM events across the country. The label welcomes the rise of electronic music in Bollywood and most major forms of media, helping to strengthen the base for newer genres of music as streaming platforms notice a growing diversity of tastes.



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