Marc Bandemer: ‘Best Ways on How to Present Your Business Plan’

Marc Bandemer: 'Best Ways on How to Present Your Business Plan'

How to Present Your Business Plan, a Guide from a Seasoned Expert in VC Finance.
In “Water Me Please” VC Finance Expert Marc Bandemer outlines in a number of stages the whole process of the Capital raising process and in detail the important first stages and never has the maxim “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” been more accurate.

‘How to present your Company’s Business Plan’ is vital to the overall success of your proposal as it sets down in black and white how you wish to proceed and right from the start how you and your proposals will be viewed and considered by potential funding sources.

The Business Plan is the “keystone” to how you plan to move your company forward. It basically serves as a roadmap of how you see your Company growing and where you would like to be in the future.

“You need to start your business plan by sharing your vision,” said Marc Bandemer, Chairman of Integer Wealth Global (, “That Vision is what you see your company doing. What will your product or service do and does your product fill a void in the market place?”

In “Water Me Please” Marc Bandemer goes on to stating that milestones need to be stated clearly and (hopefully) met and if not, you need to have a review process in place to understand why you may not have met these milestones

Marc Bandemer brings to this guide a wealth of experience not only in his current role as Chairman of Integer Wealth Global but also a lifetime of advising numerous clients in raising millions of VC investment over the years.

It is very rare that guides like this come along and are available so freely. More information about Integer Wealth can be found here ( and the guide itself can be downloaded free of charge by clicking here.

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