OahuRE’s Flat-Fee Commission Helps Home Sellers Save Thousands of Dollars

This real estate company only charges a $3,500 flat fee commission upon deal closing.

Selling a property takes a lot of work. Apart from the legal documents that need to be completed, some fees need to be paid. In the process, the seller will not be able to take home the property’s selling amount in full. A big chunk of the amount will go to taxes, other legal fees, and most of all the agents’ commissions.

Oahu Real Estate, a Hawaii-based real estate company that covers all of Oahu, helps home sellers save thousands of dollars that would have been spent on commissions. The company does this by offering its cost-saving option—charging only a minimal flat-fee commission rate of $3,500 for every deal. In addition, OahuRE.com can also eliminate the buyer’s agent’s commission, which is usually an additional 2.5 percent of the total selling price.

In this option, OahuRE represents the seller, thus, sellers receive 100 percent support from OahuRE. Though a realtor does not go to the property to meet the owner, the property still gets listed in the multiple listing services (MLS), and is distributed to thousands of other websites. To maximize this marketing exposure, OahuRE provides sellers with its 17 exclusive marketing advantages that the company developed. These advantages include photo treatment, seller highlights, feedback system, custom website, photo commenter, photo sorter, and home value video. These marketing advantages are proven effective in getting properties under OahuRE sold in no time. More detailed information about these can be found in https://www.oahure.com/flat-fee-realtor-hawaii.php.

The flat-fee commission option is very convenient to sellers as it will only be charged once everything is done. “The $3,500 commission you pay us comes out of your proceeds at closing, so if you do not close, you pay us nothing,” shared a company representative. “Many sellers use our $3,500 option as it is the lowest commission you can pay for a complete representation,” the representative said.

In addition, OahuRE can also eliminate the buyer’s agent’s commission. Since OahuRE represents the seller, it can look for a buyer without an agent to help the seller avoid paying another agent’s commission.

OahuRE has been in the real estate industry since 2005 and has helped hundreds of home sellers save millions of dollars in commission. Home sellers trust OahuRE simply because of its unmatched experience and proven track record of selling various homes. Based on the percentage of listings in escrow for all agents, properties listed under OahuRE are twice as likely to go into escrow. The company has sold 1,054 listings in the last 10 years—100 times more than an average realtor sales.

Visit their official website at www.oahure.com to know more about exclusive Oahu Real Estate information.

About OahuRE.com

Oahu Real Estate is a Hawaii-based real estate company that covers all of Oahu. The OahuRE Team has been one of the top teams in Hawaii and has sold more than 1,000 listings for the past decade alone. More information can be found on its website www.oahure.com.

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