Future of healthcare scheduling: Mesh Scheduling Inc. powering Covid-19 vaccination efforts

Innovative healthcare staff scheduling platform, Mesh AI, automatically assigns ideal shifts to physicians, nurses, and now all involved in vaccine delivery.

In the forefront of supporting healthcare workers amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Mesh Scheduling Inc. is now leading the charge to help with the nation-wide immunization efforts. A global healthcare software provider, Mesh Scheduling Inc. has made access to its advanced scheduling and resource allocation platform Mesh AI free* for Covid-19 immunization teams.

Dubbed a “staff anti-scheduler” cloud software thanks to its novel and innovative approach to staff scheduling, Mesh AI is an intelligent healthcare resource allocation platform in the cloud that was built to be easy to use, quick to deploy, and immediately impactful for providers. This software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution allows providers and schedulers to directly input their availability and preferences, along with customized data and workplace rules needed for operations. Schedulers and leaders can then save a tremendous amount of time by simply clicking a button and invoking Mesh AI’s state-of-the-art optimization engine that finds fair shift distributions. This positively impacts operational efficiency, cost, provider satisfaction, access to care, and patient outcomes. All change and surge management, communication, and coordination of staff are also seamlessly handled on this single-source-of-truth platform. Organizations can start using the system without the hassle of buy-in from the entire staff, letting them go from demo to a launch in less than a week: an unprecedented feat in healthcare and enterprise software.

Mesh Scheduling Inc. made access to the platform free once before in the earlier days of the pandemic in March 2020. To facilitate Covid-19 case management, contact tracing, and surge planning, healthcare teams were able to get timely access to the platform to manage time-sensitive and at times very complex staff allocation issues across many sites. Healthcare teams can experience time savings as high as 80% in scheduling and coordination. In revenue-driven facilities, eliminating white spaces, idle times, unnecessary overtime pay, lost client opportunities, and other staffing costs can lead to financial gains of as much as 25%. The platform eliminates errors in planning, reduces fatigue, stress, and burnout, and improves job satisfaction among staff.

With monthly subscription costs that are orders of magnitude below other systems, Mesh AI is a true democratizer of 21st-century staff scheduling in healthcare both in terms of process and access.

About Mesh Scheduling Inc.:

Rooted in more than 20 years of academic and industrial research and development and trusted by thousands of healthcare providers in Canada, the US, and Australia since 2015, Mesh AI is an innovative venture on a mission to help make healthcare better for all. Based out of Kingston, Ontario, and Concord, California, Mesh Scheduling Inc. combines simple software designs with state-of-the-art proprietary algorithms in Mesh AI to improve the lives of healthcare providers. Care begins with the providers and taking care of them leads to better patient outcomes, reduced costs, and improved access. Customer success and harmony are Mesh Scheduling Inc.’s prime goal.

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