UpFix Offers Eco-Friendly Refurbishment and Refreshment Services for Various Electronic Components

Not only does UpFix repair components, but their team also upgrades to ensure longevity.

Electronic components are critical to the function of many of today’s most used devices and products, but they are prone to maintenance and upgrade needs. When components begin to fail, throwing them out and buying new ones can prove costly, and refurbishment services don’t always fulfill the needs of every client. The team at UpFix has worked diligently to create a working solution for clients who want an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient way to keep their electrical components working for the long term.

According to a spokesperson at UpFix, “Just send your defective part to UpFix today and save hundreds of dollars.”

Their team is adept at working with components including instrument clusters, ABS modules, navigation screens, appliance control boards, appliance circuit boards, and more. These items typically can perform for the long term when they are properly serviced, which includes repair, refurbishment, and renewal.

UpFix is an eco-friendly solution for extending the life of parts and reducing electronic waste. Clients on average save hundreds of dollars, although some are saving much more. “You also feel great by doing good and having your part renewed instead of trashed,” said the UpFix team.

Clients don’t pay anything until their part is successfully repaired and is ready to be shipped back to them. Once they receive their component, clients just reinstall and go back to life as usual. All programming settings are saved so that clients can enjoy a stress-free reinstall with a plug and play feel.

To date, UpFix has serviced more than one million component parts and 150,000+ customers.

Getting started is simple. Customers go online to create an order, which includes updates on shipping as well as return options. The customer care team at UpFix works to build relationships with each and every customer and has received a reputation for being one of the most highly trusted customer care teams in the market.

“Great customer service and extremely quick turnaround. The repaired brake module works,” said a recent customer. UpFix has received more than 2500 positive reviews, which are available on their website.

Aiming to go beyond the traditional service in their industry, UpFix is proud to offer perhaps the most seamless component repair and upcycle services on the market today.

UpFix is constantly adding new repair services on various common modules and components. More information can be found at https://www.upfix.com/.

About UpFix

UpFix helps people save money with a refurbishment and renewal service for components including instrument clusters, car screens, PCM power-train controls, amplifier repairs, ABS modules, and more.

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