Everlasting – Poems from a Twin Flame – Romantic poetry collection

Everlasting - Poems from a Twin Flame - Romantic poetry collection

“Everlasting – Poems from a Twin Flame” by Dani R.
Dani R.’s book “Everlasting – Poems from a Twin Flame” captures the emotional roller coaster ride of a love beyond time and space in poems.

This new poetry collection is written by one twin flame for the other. Some readers may wonder what a twin flame is. A twin flame relationship is a special kind of relationship which is based on an intense soul connection. Sometimes the partners in that relationship call each other “mirror of their own soul”, the other half of themselves. This belief is based on Plato’s idea of people being split in two, always wandering the world to find their other half. One of the main characteristics of such a relationship is that it is not only rewarding, but also quite challenging as the two unique parts of the whole must work together to turn into one whole unit over time. For that, each of them will first have to be a complete individual before the unit itself can work.

And this kind of love is what the poems in “Everlasting – Poems from a Twin Flame” by Dani R. are all about. In her poems, the author talks about how she has never met someone like her twin flame before, and how no other person has ever touched her so deep. The contents of the poems include topics like telepathy between twin flames, temporary separations, broken hearts and how painful it is when a twin flame relationship does not seem to work out. The poems will be interesting to read for everyone who believes in true love and would like to spend some time dreaming within the pages of a romantic poetry collection.

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