Snap Cutlery paving the way for a greener world through innovative consolidated disposable cutleries

Orlando startup has introduced revolutionary waste-reducing environmentally friendly disposable cutlery to reduce landfill waste.

Lake Mary, Florida – January 29, 2021 – Disposable cutlery remains one of the major constituents of landfill trash today, leading to grave environmental concerns. But how about disposable cutlery that can not only complement the contemporary on-the-go lifestyle but show care about reducing environmental waste? Sounds too good to be real, right? Well, an Orlando-based new startup, Snap Cutlery,  has come up with a new kind of breakthrough waste reducing disposable cutlery that not only ensure a new angle of innovative convenience of disposable cutlery, but also a sustainable and greener planet. Each of the products is either created in a bio resin or cost-conscious standard styrene which reduces material volume waste by almost 50% when compared to regular multi utensils cutlery kit. 

It’s a busy life today where even eating has become a rush affair. Such a hurried situation has led to the birth of disposable cutlery. But while the regular disposable cutlery helps with fast on-the-go eating activities they also considerably add to world’s trash leading to serious environmental concerns. This is where Snap Cutlery aims to create a positive difference.

Per the statements of the company spokesperson, Snap Cutlery is driven by the mission of introducing “convenience with a conscience” in the world of disposable cutlery. What separates Snap’s revolutionary disposable cutleries from the regular disposable counterparts is the former’s “eco-friendly consolidated design”.

Snap’s disposable cutlery line is available in 2 consolidated and convenient designs, The Forknife and The Sporknife. The Forknife is a fork and knife combined into one disposable cutlery unit. The Sporknife is a combo of spoon, fork and knife. The knife part is detachable in both the designs and can be snapped out from the fork or spork handle via breakaway tabs.

The Forknife combo uses around 40% less plastic compared to traditional fork & knife combination offerings. On the other hand, the Sporknife version uses 50% less plastic than a spoon, fork and knife in almost every comparison.

Speaking further, the spokesperson stressed on the exclusive benefits of their innovative consolidated eco-friendly cutleries:

  • Innovative multi utensil cutlery design creates bulk inventory space savings
  • Made from biodegradable and compostable materials to reduce landfill waste and lessen threats of environmental concerns caused by unmindful dumps of disposable cutleries
  • Uses up to 50 percent less material compared to regular disposables which makes them a cost-saving viable option across the supply chain
  • Usage of less material, imply lower manufacturing cost per unit as well as less emissions
  • Less material also implies reduced retailer purchase costs as well as bulk inventory space savings
  • Lower retailer disposal costs leading to less disposal waste and less consumption of landfill space
  • Greener planet

Snap Cutlery predominantly serves quick service restaurants, food service distribution channels and drive through/ to-go initiatives. The company is also looking forward to catering to privately owned restaurants, restaurant chains, food trucks and healthcare divisions.

About Snap Cutlery

Headquartered at Orlando, Florida, Snap Cutlery is all set to redefine the world of disposable cutlery and for the better. The company represents a visionary waste reducing disposable cutlery firm that aspires to resolve environmental issues caused by landfill waste by reducing the dump of disposable cutlery. Founded by five devoted business executives, Snap Cutlery is spearheaded by Kimberly Truog, founder and the CEO of the company. Under Truog’s leadership, the company aims to forward the ethos of “Convenience with Conscience” to ensure cost-saving production of disposable cutlery and also a safer and greener Mother Earth.

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