Calgary based company Qubelife bringing unique eco-friendly modular homes and offices to the USA

Qubelife has come up with unique high-quality all-inclusive, modular, eco-friendly and affordable home and office units.

Calgary, AB – January 29, 2021 – Great news for Americans looking forward to installing tiny modular homes and offices of late. A Calgary-based company, Qubelife, has announced plans to bring luxury, eco-friendly, prefabricated modular homes and offices to the American market at affordable rates. These modular components can be applied to any custom build structure based on a  2’ cubic grid.

Qubelife is soon to list its modular homes and offices on Amazon store. The company modular properties are available in a wide range of sizes, ranging from 210 sq. ft. to 500 sq. ft. to even 2,000 sq. ft. 

“With working-from-home becoming the new norm in the current pandemic era, a lot of people are considering tiny modular offices in their backyard. As per a recent survey, 62 percent American remote workers said they would like to have a small backyard office unit. In that light, there is an urgent demand for prefab modular offices as well as homes in the USA and this is one of the biggest reasons why we are expanding our product line in the American market”, stated a leading spokesperson from Qubelife. 

Per the statements of the spokesperson, Qubelife modular home or office structure designs are based on a 2’ cubic block grid that utilizes connector zones and the company’s QT connection system. It enables them to add on standardized components to any custom residential or commercial project. Qubelife has deployed commercial-grade engineered glulam for the base structure that ensures rugged strength and high architectural appearance.  

“Our primary architectural focus with our unique modular units is themes on building ‘smart spaces’ which allows us to choose quality over size. Some of the major ways we achieve this are by limiting interior partitions, multi-functional features, full height glazing and so on.” 

Speaking on, the spokesperson stressed their modular units are made from eco-friendly materials that will help to cut down on energy costs and assure an optimal living and working environment. Then, the prefab structures are intelligently engineered to be more resilient than traditional homes to withstand natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes. 

“We offer all-inclusive modular home and office kits that come with all the key features needed for a functional home or office. From doors to windows to high insulation to fully equipped bathroom facility to roof to heating/AC arrangement – you will get all needed amenities required for modern luxury living. We also offer automations for easy control of all devices and appliances that you will use in our prefabricated homes or offices. Moreover, our units cost way less and can be set up at a fraction of time than it is needed to build up a traditional home or office.”

Qubelife’s modular units are backed unique patent design which enables users to –

  • Add or move surfaces, units, windows, doors or even full Qubes
  • Move, disassemble, lift or demount visual components
  • Upgrade exterior architectural features
  • Build-as-you-go facility which eventually lowers or eliminates finance cost
  • Sell, buy or swap building components on digital marketplace

All the modular units will come up step-by-step DIY plans. For more details, please visit

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