Ashleigh Warren Takes the Lead in Influencer Marketing, Making World-Famous Influencers Even Wealthier

Her agency specializes in the growth and monetization of artist and influencer brands.

With over 3 billion monthly users, investing in Facebook and Instagram ads as an artist, influencer, or celebrity has become a must when looking to scale your brand. It is on these platforms that you connect with fans and turn them into paying customers.

So Social has mastered that. Known for her ability to cost-effectively prospect new audiences and earn impressive ROAS, Ashleigh and her team work with celebrities who have a brand they’re looking to scale by taking over their paid marketing efforts to optimize and scale far beyond their current level.

They first do this by building high-performance campaigns that leverage the audience and appeal of the talent. Then they attack all other major channels with intuitive campaign structures, continuous creative development, and unlimited split testing.

So Social knows to find, engage, and convert new audiences for your brand. They do not stop at impressive numbers. Instead, the team continues their obsession with striving to outdo their best every day.

Rather than placing full responsibility on the ads, Ashleigh and her team honor the reality of every marketing cycle. They consider all the other factors that can dramatically affect results and provide a strategy that will lead to overall revenue increases, including organic growth strategy, asset creation, website optimizations, and release cycle.

They maximize all of the different pieces of your brand to guarantee high returning campaigns.

Ashleigh Warren, a successful brand and digital marketing strategist leads So Social. Her boutique agency strives for one goal: to ensure their clients get the highest return possible through social media.

​“It is an honor to have quickly become mega influencers’ go-to Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok strategist. We have run campaigns for David Dobrik, Post Malone, Dude Perfect, Jake Paul, Steve Aoki, King Bach, Busta Rhymes, and Addison Rae, just to name a few,” said Ashleigh Warren, founder of So Social. “To date, we have produced over $150 million in revenue for brands, creators, and influencers. For many of my clients, I have produced over a 6-times return.”

“Ashleigh and the So Social team are smart, creative, flexible, responsive, have a deep understanding of the influencer-driven brand space, and are just plain on it. As a result of their insight and effort, they have been an engine of our business’ considerable growth,” said Brian Mann, CEO of Cloak.

Chris Vaccarino, founder of Fanjoy, the #1 mega-influencer merchandise company, further added, “Ashleigh has been amazing to work with. We see her as a true partner. She is super knowledgeable in what works, what doesn’t work, and best practice for high performing campaigns.”

Warren also runs a hyper-growth-focused micro-influencer academy with students all over the world.

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So Social is an advertising agency Based in Los Angeles, California, specializing in scaling talent-backed brands.

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