The Revolutionary Automated Algorithmic Technology that is Making Mass-trading a Breeze

The Revolutionary Automated Algorithmic Technology that is Making Mass-trading a Breeze

Technology has deeply impacted the world as it is – and trading is no exception. 

With traders relying on automation more than ever – the need for more robust, efficient, and error-proof tools becomes increasingly important.

The purpose of developing this automatic algorithmic technology is to help retail traders by giving them free access to an automated algorithmic-based copy trading software platform.

This is where FXA Technologies has stepped in with one-of-its-kind copy trading software that is set to take the industry by storm. 

Retail traders can start the proceeding by connecting their MT4 trading account to the platform by creating an account and signing up for free.

Once they sign up, they can use the multi-strategy algorithm to place trades – which is automatically copied onto the users’ account via copy trading software.

All the process takes place automatically and without intrusion. The company claims to have no access or control on the user’s data. This is being considered as a fresh breath of air in the industry as the user is always in control and in command of their data.

That means their personal information and funds are absolutely safe.

Before diving into more details, it is imperative to introduce the company that is behind all of these innovative ideas. 

F.X.A technologies is an algorithmic financial trading company, established to accomplish the mission of empowering trade retailers in the modern trading era.

They affirm that with the modernization and up-gradation of technology, retail traders don’t have to rely on methods that are laborious, obsolete and time-sucking.

Instead, they can rely on this powerful automated algorithmic software solution.

The best part is the software is free to use.

When the users sign up and create a free account, they will have access to the software and within a few days, they will start minting money.

Once the profits roll in, F.X.A Technologies then only charges a 20% performance fee per month. Therefore, they’ll only pay if they make returns.

Each month, we will email them to ensure they pay the fee, otherwise, their account will stop copying. 

Their performance payments receiving method is PayPal.

One thing to keep in mind is, users can only add 1 MT4 account. If they require more, they must contact FXA technologies.

One last thing to discuss is the strategy used by the algorithm to function.

The algorithm used is a combination of 4 strategies, each contributing its own criteria for a market condition. With the algorithm, risk management is crucial to its success. 

When setting up an account, users are encouraged not to go above factor 1 on the risk multiplier. Please note, the algorithm aims to deliver steady, long-term returns. For track records, watch the video by clicking on the link:  

This’s the all-end information we want to share with you about the new product and how it’s different from the rest.

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