Leading Recruiting-Tech Company, Lensa, Help Match Job Seekers With Employers Using a Workstyle Game

Leading Recruiting-Tech Company, Lensa, Help Match Job Seekers With Employers Using a Workstyle Game

Lensa Workstyle Game

Finding a job amid COVID–19 seems like an uphill task. The economic crisis that comes with the pandemic has further made a negative impact on businesses and recruiting process. There is also increasing competition for job roles in an already congested market. As employment opportunities continue to reduce, more job seekers are emerging by the day. In most cases, job seekers have trouble finding a job because they cannot identify their strengths and weaknesses. In the struggle of mismatch between job seekers and job vacancies, Lensa proffers hope for job seekers by deploying a result-driven technological solution to match job seekers with job vacancies.

Lensa is a job-matching platform that offers a technological solution in the post-pandemic era. Lensa ultimate aim is to assess the strength of an applicant and match them to the requirement of the recruiters using predictive analysis. Taking the form of a workstyle game, Lensa is helping both employees and employers make the best use of their resources.

How does the Lensa Workstyle game work?

Lensa Workstyle game is designed to put users through a series of tasks where users can experience an 8-minute rendezvous with the platform. The workstyle game involves moving nodes around a screen to reach a certain object. The game takes about 400 permutation, ML combinations, and predictive analysis tools to put the job seeker in one of the seven archetypes. Each archetype specializes in certain thriving market skill and users add them to their resume for increasing their chances of getting hired in a more relevant domain. At the end of the game, Lensa workstyle users will get a brief description of their performance. The employers on the other end will get information about the candidate’s hard and soft skills concerning the candidate resume.

Lensa Merges Fun and Employability Together

Lensa does not only help users to discover their strength and make informed job-searching designs. Instead, Lensa takes individual skills and matches it with the most relevant employment opportunities available on the platform.  

According to Gergo Vari, (CEO of Lensa), the innovative workstyle game sets Lensa apart as a unique job-searching platform where job seekers will not have to rely on their guts and market trend to get a job. Lensa vision is spelt out; to help users get the job that they deserve, their skills match, and not the one that requires a compromise.

Lensa and Career Path

Any form of a wrong decision by job seekers during their job searching stint can be detrimental to their career advancement. Therefore, searching for a job requires clarity of mind, clear statement of purpose, and accurate analysis of skillsets. This is where Lensa and its technology-driven solution come in handy. Lensa workstyle game has made available the tools that can help address, discover, and polish the best skills in users to pave a way for a directional career path.

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