Taylor & Wolfe Shares Philosophy On Supporting Women-Owned Businesses

Los Angeles fashion designers Amanda Wolfe and Taylor Stanley want to strengthen women entrepreneurship.

Moms and friends Taylor Stanley and Amanda Wolfe launched their company, Taylor & Wolfe, as a way to divulge in and share their passion for creating beautiful clothing and products. Their Los Angeles based company is growing a following through their online boutique and social media, but they are also concentrating on cultivating a community of women entrepreneurs.

In the United States alone, women own four out of ten businesses, and the yearly growth of women in business has increased 4.2% over the past twelve years. Over the past two years, statistics show that women have started more than 1,500 new companies.

As the number of women entrepreneurs continues to grow, so does the need for strong networks for women business owners.

According to Stanley and Wolfe, one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of this to date is competition. “If we are going to be successful, we have to be honest with ourselves,” said Stanley. “Women historically have been extremely competitive with each other. We all know that. Yet, we have seen examples of how incredibly successful women can be when they come together to support one another, both in life and in business.”

Stanley’s daughter was born with disabilities, and Wolfe is a single mom. The two say that without their village, they would have had a much more difficult time. This idea – that a village could be so beneficial in raising a child – gave them an idea. “What if women in business supported each other and provided a village in this capacity?’, said Wolfe.

To fulfill this, Taylor and Wolfe hope to build a sisterhood. As part of their mission, each order includes a gifted product from another women owned business. “We are gifting out other female-owned brands to encourage the support of other brands. It’s not a gain for us, it’s a gain for them, because when one woman succeeds, we all do,” said Wolfe.

While they are on a mission to share fashion and support for other women owned business, Taylor and Wolfe also want to leave a legacy for their children. “We want to show our children that if you want something, only you can make that thing happen,” agreed the two.

Taylor and Wolfe are working to create fashion that helps women express themselves no matter what, and their apparel is an excellent addition to the wardrobe of any women who wants to show her unique sense of style. Right now, customers can get 15% off their first purchase when they sign up for the Taylor & Wolfe newsletter. In addition, Taylor & Wolfe features a selection of apparel from their partner stores on their website.

More information can be found at https://taylorandwolfe.com/.

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Taylor & Wolfe is a Los Angeles, California, based mom-owned company specializing in designing apparel and supporting women-owned businesses.

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