Voracious Readers Only Has Created Over 300,000 Reader-Author Connections

Online platform connects new and established authors with thousands of readers.

Reading books has been one of the most popular ways to spend time during lockdown or while sheltering in place during the ongoing COVID19 pandemic. It is an enriching way to relax and escape for a little while without having to leave the comfort of one’s home. While classics and more popular titles have been proven to be enjoyable for a lot of readers, there are countless talented authors out there whose books have not yet reached mainstream recognition. There is a whole new world of written works in various genres and subgenres that fans have yet to discover, and Voracious Readers Only has created over 300,000 connections between such fans and talented authors.

Voracious Readers Only is a website that specializes in helping to connect both up and coming and established authors with readers who enjoy books in their genre or subgenre. If they enjoy the story, readers are encouraged to write a review and send recommendations to their friends.

The online platform has introduced many readers to authors they might not have found on their own. It also helps authors get reviews and build their audience for future releases. For the most part, Voracious Readers Only has been working with independent or self-published writers, but has recently caught the attention of more established authors who already have large followings, have optioned their stories to Hollywood, have been written up by professional book reviewers, and who are signed with major publishing houses.

The site is free for readers to join and authors can sign up for a giveaway to introduce their book to 20 new reader for free. If the authors are happy with the 20-book giveaway process, they have the option to sign up for an ongoing promotion that offers their novel to new Voracious Readers Only readers.

The site primarily attracts readers from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand and their author-reader connection count is growing as a result of both online advertising campaigns and referrals from the readers themselves.

For more information on the reader-author platform, visit https://voraciousreadersonly.com.

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