Yvette Long Teaches African American History Through Her Book And Certificate Online Course

Author and advocate for minority communities, Yvette Long, continues to enjoy rave reviews for “African American History: The Untold Stories,” a history book with an online course and a painting book for kids

Yvette Long authored “African American History: The Untold Stories” in line with her goal of promoting self-esteem, and positive identity among students of African descent, and a deeper level of education for those ignorant of a more complete and inclusive history.  The book aims to reveal facts about untold stories of American History.  Facts and experiences that provide a new lens of consciousness for how we view and interact with Americans of African descent. This book’s goal is to help bring reconciliation rather than division and shines new light on the struggles for equality, justice and liberty against the forces of corruption, power and greed.  The online course aids understanding and serves as a foundational tool for teachers, educators, law enforcement and those in the judicial system who regularly interact with Americans of African descent.

Millions of people, including Americans of African descent are oblivious to the contributions of past generations. While many emerging stories are revealing some of the contributions, challenges and sacrifices by Americans of African descent, a large percentage of such narratives are presented in a way that perpetuates our current state of stereotyping, prejudice, intolerance, and racism and actually facilitates the spread and effectiveness of white supremacy propaganda. Yvette Long is looking to change this narrative through her books and new online course, “African American History: The Untold Stories.”

The African American history book and course is authored to highlight the sacrifices and contributions of Blacks and whites, helping to promote true history, a sense of pride and accomplishment through struggles for a better America with a focus on what unites us to promote healing and reconciliation and the achievement of fairness, equality, and a respect for one another.

African American History: The Untold Stories” is currently available on Amazon, where it has continued to receive accolades from readers across the globe due to its rich content. “What I like is the truth being told; there is no healing without honest dialogue.” “ I enjoyed this book; however, it was so sad to know how Americans of African descent were treated all for somebody to get rich,” said Regina Thompson.

For more information about the book and other works from Yvette Long, please visit – https://www.africanamericanuts.com.

About Yvette Long

Yvette Long is the President of Aspire, where she works as a psychologist and counselor. She also founded Platinum Minds, a New Jersey-based non-profit that provides leadership training to academically gifted young men in inner-city communities. As a writer, she authored Aspire to Excellence: Guidepoints for a Young Man’s Path to Making Good Decisions, which was published in 2013, and recently wrote a book about African American History to bring knowledge and understanding of a country that has struggled for centuries in pursuit of justice, equality, liberty, and freedom.

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