Breckenridge Ale House & Pizza Satisfies Colorado’s Pizza Cravings

Breckenridge Ale House & Pizza Satisfies Colorado’s Pizza Cravings

Robby Corujo is doing pizza lovers in Colorado one better with the establishment of Breckenridge Ale House & Pizza in Breckenridge town. Offering the largest pizza in Colorado, Breckenridge Ale House & Pizza has enjoyed a steady growth level and has become a hotspot for vacationers and visitors. Robby Corujo has made sure he is finally living out his lifelong dream.

A product of love and passion, the owner, Robby Corujo, established Breckenridge Ale House & Pizza after years of building up to the big launch. His first visit to Breckenridge was in 1987 on a high school ski trip from New Jersey. He got drawn to the town and promised that he would return someday to live there. Five years later, in 1992, he went back during the winter season and worked on getting a job.

Being a grit and a never-give-up attitude, Robby started working at different local t-shirt shops. He needed to make a living to establish himself, so he took up various jobs. After one ski season, he went back to New Jersey, and in 1995, he got a job as a bartender at some of the busiest locations around New Jersey and the Jersey Shore. After eight years, in 2003, he opened his first bar, and since then, he has implemented different bar/restaurant concepts in his bar.

After years of setting the groundwork, he decided to open his own bar in Breckenridge, Colorado, in 2019. By this time, he had been under World Champion Pizzaiolo Michele D’Amelio’s tutelage. Breckenridge Ale House & Pizza has become the top spot for people visiting Breckenridge, Colorado, for vacation. “A lot of people come all the way from Denver for weekends, and we also get a lot of people from Texas, Houston especially, for a week-long vacation,” Robby says.

The most standout thing about Breckenridge Ale House & Pizza is the 24” super slice pizza, which is the biggest in Summit County and even possibly the entire Colorado that it offers. It has also positioned itself as a great dining spot for both vacationers and residents of Breckenridge.

Establishing this pizza spot is a dream come true for Robby Corujo. He fell in love with Colorado, left, and returned years later to establish his presence permanently. The 24” pizza is a crowd favorite, and since it was introduced, it has changed the pizza game in Colorado.

A direct product of determination, resilience, and a unique business attraction, Breckenridge Ale House & Pizza is building on its reputation by keeping its services impeccable and memorable. Its giant-sized slices of pizza and the comfortable environment are bound to catch anybody’s attention. There is also always an abundance of drinks and liquor for customers to have a full experience of being at an alehouse. Breckenridge Ale House & Pizza is in the process of establishing a new pizza culture in Colorado, and it definitely represents all that Robby Corujo has dreamed about for years,

Learn more about Breckenridge Ale House & Pizza on the official website or follow the Instagram page.

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