Swiss Research Firm Launches Service for Private Investors

The Swiss firm SWIAX Research recently launched a service that will enable private investors to request individually written investment research. Offered as a subscription, clients can request investment research through their innovative client portal, where their request will be handled by a competent team. The motivation behind offering this investment research plan was the recent uprise of private participants in the equity markets.

The research services are conveniently being offered in a subscription-based product. SWIAX divided its services into three tiers which were fitted to the different needs, investors might have. For instance, long-term investors tend to pick their first option, offering one monthly report and a newsletter for the price of an average phone bill. On average, it takes SWIAX about 24 hours to handle and deliver the investment research.

The reports themselves, which are written by the back office of the research firm, are said to be of good quality. Although SWIAX is tailoring the reports to the customer’s wishes, they generally include a summary of the current news, a company overview, a business overview, and a quick financial analysis. It contains all the information an investor needs to invest with confidence.

SWIAX declared that the requests are handled by their highly competent, Switzerland-based front office, while their back office in Eastern Europe finalizes the reports with proven expertise. That is how SWIAX achieves the prices at which they can offer their services.

SWIAX recently announced it is transitioning its business model from catering to hedge funds and institutional investors to providing research to the recent influx of retail investors. They have announced that they are partially introducing this new service as a response to the recent increase in demand for equity research. Numerous online-forums have led investors to blindly invest in securities without conducting proper research in advance. SWIAX strives to introduce its services as an alternate option to the people who want to make informed decisions.

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