Bulkly Makes Sharing Evergreen Content Easy and Faster

KINGWOOD, TX – If you’re a social media manager, business owner, or online marketer, you know that scheduling social media posts takes time. It’s a cumbersome process – with many repetitive tasks.

Well, not anymore. Consider Bulkly – a new way to manage your evergreen social media content.

“Bulkly solves the problem of having to constantly re-add evergreen content to be shared again,” says founder Chris Makara. “It’s basically a set and forget approach to scheduling and drip publishing social media content.”

But, why Bulkly over other social media management platforms? Some of the more established players have been in the social media game for years. Makara has this to say: “Bulkly is the best at this because once you add your content, you never have to worry about something being posted to your social media accounts. This frees up time so that you can do other things like engaging [customers] or running your business.”

Freeing up time is crucial – and Makara uniquely understands this. He’s a solo entrepreneur when it comes to Bulkly – running the company by himself with a full-time job and family. “I pretty much handle everything except development work. That means I am managing developers, testing features, roadmapping features, handling customer support, managing blog content and more,” he explains. “Since I am bootstrapped, I don’t really have funds to hire a team at the moment.”

Bulkly is an early success – generating nearly $1,000 monthly recurring revenue (MRR) with a 10% monthly churn rate, on average. “Once a user understands the need for Bulkly, it becomes a necessary tool in their toolkit,” according to Makara. “I even revamped the onboarding process so users can get started easier and get a very quick win using Bulkly.” Admittedly a lofty goal, Makara hopes to see $10,000 MRR within 12 months.

For Makara, Bulkly is a passion project – and one that is a service to other like-minded entrepreneurs. “I’ve always been entrepreneurial by nature, dating back to my youth. In addition to that, I’ve always been a problem solver/critical thinker as well as interested in finding ways to streamline processes and efficiency,” he explains. “The pandemic has also given me the push to really move Bulkly forward to see where it can go. I’m proud to say that Bulkly is the social media automation product I wish existed years ago when I was looking for a solution.”

With any luck – Makara’s Bulkly will be that solution for many others as well.

About Bulkly

Bulkly is a social media automation tool that allows you to spend less time managing updates and more time engaging with your audience. The platform makes it easy for anyone to create truly ongoing social media updates within a few minutes. Once set up, you never have to check it, reload it, or do any sort of management. Your social updates are continuously rolled out forever automatically until you tell Bulkly to stop. Bulkly works with Buffer, Hootsuite, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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