Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Is Available in Sacramento, CA

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Is Available in Sacramento, CA

Every homeowner has something in their home that they wish they could change. Maybe it is a wall in the kitchen that blocks their view of the living space, making it difficult to entertain. The bathroom with a bathtub they never use because it is small and awkwardly laid out. For most people these minor annoyances are something to just live with, at least until they save up enough money to invest in a remodel. 

Where to Start?

The top two most popular rooms in a home to remodel are kitchens, which accounted for 79% of all remodels in 2015, and bathrooms, which were remodeled 88% of the time. Kitchen and bath remodels impact functionality and look of those spaces and the resale value of a home positively. Once the decision to move forward on a remodel has been made, homeowners will want to look at contractors,, who specialize in kitchen and bath remodels. Businesses that specialize in kitchen and bath remodel can help homeowners with each phase of the process from design to construction. 

Choosing Countertops

When it comes time to remodel, one of the most troublesome parts of the process is often choosing the materials. In a kitchen or bathroom remodel one of the most important choices to make will be the countertops. When countertops for kitchen and bath remodels, it is hard to beat the functionality and beauty of quartz and granite. Both are high end materials and it’s difficult to distinguish one from the other. Granite is a natural stone, cut from quarries and then cut and polished. Because it is all natural, there will be variations in color and pattern from one piece to another, even if cut from the same quarry. Quartz is an engineered stone. It comprises mostly natural quartz with a small percentage of other minerals mixed in before it is formed into slabs. When considering Granite Transformations, people should keep in mind that granite comes with more maintenance than quartz. Granite is porous and requires sealing during install and will need to be resealed periodically. Quartz does not need to be sealed, and because it is less porous, it has a slight advantage over granite when it comes to upkeep.

When choosing countertops in a kitchen or bath, people may wonder if there are health benefits to choosing one surface over the other. Cleaning quartz has a slight advantage over granite. Homeowners with a tighter budget do not need to resign themselves to laminate or tile. There are several, man made options that offer the beauty of granite and quartz without the sticker shock. Engineered stone options,, that are made using recycled pieces of natural stone, quartz, and glass to produce environmentally friendly stone slabs. There are stone products on the market that infuse the stone with antimicrobial technology, which help to limit the growth of bacteria on the stone surface for the life of the product.

Remodeling a home can be a daunting task. Choosing to remodel a kitchen or bath will provide solid returns on the investment. The choice of countertop will affect more than just the renovation budget. Choosing to go with stone counters, whether engineered or natural, will provide a high impact visual along with functionality that lasts a lifetime, or until your next remodel. 

Granite Transformations is a franchise company with locations in the Sacramento, Ca. area. They specialize in kitchen and bath remodels. Visit their website for more information.

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