Bothell Mole Extermination Specialists Use Family Friendly Methods

Bothell Mole Extermination Specialists Use Family Friendly Methods
Northwest Mole Pros serves homeowners from Everett to Seattle, from Puget Sound to Redmond, and nearly everywhere in between. The company uses methods that are safe for pets and kids.

Northwest Mole Pros and Jack Hall are pleased to announce that the Bothell mole extermination firm specializes only in moles. The premier animal control providers focus exclusively on removing the destructive animals from lawns. The licensed and experienced service is fast, safe, and expert and comes with a six-month limited warranty. The family-friendly measures do not use chemicals, poisons or baits, and thus are safe for pets and kids.

Northwest Mole Pros provides mole elimination services throughout the entire Seattle/ Redmond/ Everett region. The company is noted for its superior service that ensures a quick response, expert assessment, effective treatment methods, and a thorough follow-up. The technicians use proven methods and tools, as well as the expertise to get the job done.

Moles are destructive creatures to lawns, and they work quickly. They can dig two hundred feet in a matter of hours. Moles in the area are active day and night throughout the entire year. Unless control measures are applied, the mole population can double or triple in just the two months between May and June. For this reason, it is important to take action at the first sign of mole presence.

The devices used by Northwest Mole Pros provide an effective, quick, and discreet kill. The devices are wholly or partially buried beneath the surface. Device locations are marked with covers staked securely into the ground. No pesticides or chemical baits are used, and the devices will not harm other wildlife. To eliminate moles quickly and effectively, knowledge and experience are necessary. The NMP technicians have accrued a decade of experience on the job and have eliminated thousands of moles for many hundreds of customers across the Seattle Metro area.

During the COVID-19 restrictions, the technicians continue to work safely and effectively, with little or no direct customer contact needed. When such contact is necessary, all PPE and distancing recommendations are followed.

About the Company:

Northwest Mole Pros has nearly a decade of experience in mole control measures throughout the Seattle Metro area. More details are available at

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