Namarah’s Latest Release “Deia” Is A Soul-Searching Anthem of Spiritual Self-Healing

Namarah’s Latest Release "Deia" Is A Soul-Searching Anthem of Spiritual Self-Healing
Fans of spiritual music will find Deia by singer/songwriter Namarah to be a soul-searching anthem that exudes the raw emotion of surrender and sustenance. With Deia, Namarah takes a listener on a journey of self-discovery, healing and reconciliation with her maker, an element bound to resonate with many.

Deia is Namarah’s most recently released project and her first full-length LP. The album’s largest strengths are its spiritual depth and unique musical stylings. Namarah’s music is often laced with spiritual overtones and invokes within a listener a typical longing for the divine. She aptly describes how Deia is a story of self-exploration, acknowledgment, and self-love by reconciliation with one’s creator. With Deia, Namarah aims to show what healing looks like and says:

“This album is a sonic photo-album of my journey to loving myself, loving the gifts God gave me, and embracing that there is a purpose to my life.”

Namarah compares her musical style with “manna from heaven”, explaining how it expresses sustenance through blind faith and acceptance which is why it is music for healing the soul. Her music, which effortlessly flows between R&B, soul, and gospel, consists of two main elements; rhythm and melody, while that can be said about any music, Namarah focuses deeply on the two as a means to deliver her message, which is often introspective in nature.

When Namarah says “(m)ost of my songs come from the dream world…” she means it literally. Lyrics and ideas for songs often come to her in her dreams. The first track off the album, a vibey piece with a half-time feel on the chorus, is entitled “Dreams” and the idea for the concept of the album itself came to her in a dream. Many of the songs on the album are interspersed with spoken word segments and snippets of recorded conversation, a continuous narrative throughline that ties the individual stories/dreams/songs into one theme. That theme might be most easily defined by the question: what is our relationship with/to God?

Namarah’s music has been praised by the likes of WPXN, which found that her music worked “…as a dance-floor banger as much as a stripped-down acoustic ballad.” Having performed at some of Philadelphia’s premier venues and making appearances at East Coast SoFar shows and regional festivals such as Philly Soulstock and the Cayuga Sound Festival, Namarah has begun to make a name for herself in the Philly music scene and beyond.

Namarah is a singer, a songwriter, a performer, and most of all, a storyteller. Throughout her life Namarah has found ways to express herself through many different creative mediums. Ultimately her approach to music can be defined as a marriage of many art forms, including dance and theater among others. While her music is often steeped in the spiritual it also has a mainstream quality to it that is bound to attract both secular and Christian audiences. Namarah intertwines faith and questions of the soul in her music in order to help people grow spiritually, change and heal. Her musical mission in life says everything:

“I’m here to make music that helps you hear God speak to your heart by showing how he speaks to me.”

Namarah’s Deia is available on all musical platforms including Spotify, Apple and YouTube

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