Stationary Pedestal Boom Rockbreaker For Gyratory Crusher Mouth Of Nanchang Mineral System

There is introductions of knowledge of Rockbreaker system.

The Stationary Pedestal Boom Rockbreaker system can fix one side of the bin at the feeding port of the crusher. The fixed Pedestal Booms Rockbreakers not only can crush the large stones at the bin, feeder and machine mouth, but also replace the high-risk manual cleaning to ensure smooth production and improve production efficiency. The Pedestal Booms Rockbreaker is controlled by a small power motor, which has the advantages of low power consumption, low production cost, high efficiency and practicality It can be equipped with air conditioning according to the requirements. It is easy to operate and comfortable in the environment. It is an ideal equipment for auxiliary ore crushing and feeding.

Pedestal Boom Rockbreaker system is mainly composed of hydraulic pump station, rotary support system, working arm, controller and hydraulic hammer. The executive parts of the front end of the fixed breaking hammer can be hydraulic hammer, hydraulic lotus claw, hydraulic shear, holding clamp and other accessories. It has many functions, such as crushing, nipping, shoveling, grasping, digging, hooking, picking, scraping and so on. The Pedestal Boom Rockbreakers system has the advantages of small area, compact structure and large operation range. It can be placed in various occasions to improve the working environment and production safety.

Pedestal Boom Rockbreaker is a new type of device developed in the process of mechanized production. It is an automatic device with the function of grasping and moving. Stationary Type Pedestal Boom Rockbreaker can replace human repetitive boring to complete dangerous work, improve labor productivity, reduce labor intensity. Fixed Pedestal Boom Rockbreaker can replace human to complete dangerous work, greatly saving working time and improving work efficiency.

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