Online prayer request service comforts many during challenging times

Online prayer request service comforts many during challenging times
Holy Land Prayer houses the place where Jesus Christ was crucified, buried and resurrected. It also represents the one and only holy landmark where the faithful, historians, and archaeologists agree that miracles of Jesus Christ took place.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic grounding tourism in Israel to a halt, thousands of faithful can still make their way to the Holy Sepulcher through an online prayer request service offered by the Holy Land Prayer.

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is Christianity’s most holy site in the world. Holy Land Prayer’s special high-tech service has made it possible for believers from  all over the world to send online prayers to the place where Jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected. 

“We deliver prayer requests to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Our passion is you, and the comfort of our Lord. We make sure to pray on the behalf of people around the globe every single day,” Holy Land Prayer said in a statement.

Holy Land Prayer will print the faithful’s prayer and will lay his/her asking on one of the holiest spots within the Church. Afterwards, photos of one’s prayer in the Church will be emailed back to him/her.

“We can also light a candle on behalf of yourself, a prayer friend in need, neighbor, or someone you love. These reverent gestures are a demonstration of your faith in God’s ability to do all things,” Holy Land Prayer added. 

Holy Land Prayer will not just mail the prayed-over document to the individual, but will also send a video or a photograph of the faithful or his/her loved ones being placed within the Church. 

The global pandemic has changed worship, with the Pew Research Center reporting in April 2020 that 90 percent of regular churchgoers in the United States claim their churches had shut their doors to curb the spread of the coronavirus. 

The series of challenges posed by the health crisis and its socio-economic impacts have adversely impacted travel of the faithful to Jerusalem. Holy Land Prayer, however, said it aims to sustain the bridge to many Christians around the world.

“People have been praying here in Jerusalem for centuries. Many individuals across the globe would love the opportunity to pilgrimage to this place to pray. Such pilgrimages are a sign of deep faith in the Word of the Lord, and are highly regarded by many Christians,” Holy Land Prayer said. 

Holy Land Prayer said the faithful’s “generous donation will help us make the online service more common and accessible to all God’s people and extend His light within the world.” 

“We believe that it is our mission to give every individual a unique opportunity to pray for whomever they choose, and in that way, share the grace of God through prayer. Through prayer, we can empower the light of God within ourselves and within others,” Holy Land Prayer said.

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