How the right mattress can improve a person’s health

The importance and impact of good sleep on people’s health cannot be overestimated. It can reduce stress levels, help relieve any pain that a person might have, and protect their mental health.

However, there can be no good sleep without a good mattress.

Because of that, it’s important which mattress to choose to sleep on since not every type of mattress is good for every person and their body type. In the rest of this article, it will go deeper into the health benefits a mattress can bring a person so that the next time they find themselves in a situation they need one, they don’t just pick one at random. This can have a huge impact on the overall quality of life.

A diet will be better

Apart from the benefits mentioned in the introduction, it may be surprising to know that a disturbed sleep routine can cause people to gain weight, and it has been documented that people (predominantly men) who suffer from a lack of sleep are more likely to include high-calorie food in their diet.

In fact, women who sleep too much or too little gain on average 11 pounds. So, if a person wants to stay slim, they need to make sure they sleep well, say experts at In addition to all of that, not enough sleep can increase insulin resistance, which is the cause of Type 2 diabetes.

Prevent strokes and heart conditions!

But a lack of sleep can also have much more serious consequences since it increases the risk of developing serious coronary heart or artery disease or even falling victim to a stroke!

It’s actually quite incredible to note that people who don’t get enough sleep have a 48% chance to develop or even die from a coronary heart condition. Proper sleep also reduces the chances for a stroke since people who don’t get enough of it are 15% more likely to suffer one.

In short, it’s important to get enough sleep to stay healthy, and that cannot happen if consumers don’t have the right mattress.

Immediate effects of a good mattress

The importance of choosing the right mattress can be seen in the immediate effects that can have on the sleeper.

For example, medium-firm mattresses are ideal solutions for elderly people as they diminish the pain in their bones and muscles a lot. Furthermore, strong bedding systems help the cardiovascular system do its job better.

It is also important how the mattress deals with the pressure the body exerts on it while having a sleep, which is why people should be careful what the mattress is made of – it’s not the same if the mattress has springs, foam, or latex inside. Another thing that can impact a person’s sleep is the temperature of the mattress they are sleeping on because some tend to get quite warm.

But most importantly, a good mattress allows people to recharge their batteries – 92% of people who participated in the 2011 Sleep Foundation poll said that the mattress is vital for their sleep!


All of the information listed here is a result of this independent research, and people can clearly see that choosing the right mattress has immediate effects on your quality of sleep, and quality sleep will help with long-term health. So, do set some time aside and find the right product. People will feel the benefits for years to come.

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