ACadru Enhances Multidisciplinary Learning Opportunities with Artificial Intelligence Platform

Gurgaon, India – Feb 8, 2021 – The online learning platform ACadru announced that it has launched its revamped website that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to guide students and professionals to build a strong profile to be ready for JOBS OF THE FUTURE.

ACadru offers multi-disciplinary learning modules, practical experiences, project ideas, and helps users to build unique careers for future jobs. They have launched a new and updated version of their website, which is loaded with features that will give a comprehensive overview of a person’s profile building process.

The AI suggestions are designed in a way that they will be helpful in the individual’s journey towards higher learning or achieving career goals.

ACadru provides individuals with 100s of curated mini modules where they can explore new concepts and develop skills. The platform is equally beneficial for high school students in preparation for college and professionals who want to remain relevant in the employment market. The skills learned at ACadru can significantly boost a CV.

Students don’t have to be college-bound to benefit from the information available at ACadru. Knowledge is never wasted and the subjects offered are equally advantageous for personal enrichment and growth purposes. Individuals will still benefit from the artificial intelligence recommendations.

The story-based courses are tailored to engage, cultivate curiosity, and stimulate creativity. ACadru courses run the gamut from business and humanities to science and technology. Courses are available at several levels to accommodate those with pre-existing knowledge and experience. Courses are appropriate for those at all high school levels, undergraduate studies, and individuals already employed.

Ms. Kamini Vidisha, Co-founder of ACadru, says that “Profile building is an extremely important part of any students or professionals journey to find out the right career choices based upon their passion and interests.”

Students can have their accomplishments transformed into a profile map by ACadru’s AI to chart their progress. It’s a helpful tool that can provide individuals with insights into other advantageous learning modules, along with academic and career opportunities.

ACadru offers four packages to accommodate an extensive range of needs and requirements. Students receive access to AI-guided recommendations, modules and projects, ACadru’s entire collection, and project submission and feedback. Mentor guidance is provided from highly-qualified and accomplished specialists in their field.

The launch of the newly AI-enhanced ACadru website represents a major innovation for a virtual learning platform. Individuals no longer have to worry about what areas of knowledge or courses will best serve their educational and professional endeavors. The ACadru AI will be there at every step of an individual’s journey with suggestions and recommendations for learning excellence.

About ACadru

ACadru is an online learning platform with a carefully curated collection of thoughts across all disciplines created by a team of experts. Its multidisciplinary approach creates an interest-based curriculum that aims to uncover an area of learning which encompasses various themes and kickstarts unique combinations of thought processes in the learner. ACadru is a way out of the cycle of self-doubt and helps you build your profile for future academic success and career development.

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