KF94 Face Masks Now Available to The Public

Kollectusa.com offers COVID-19 protection designed for frontline health workers, but now for everyone

LOS ANGELES – Feb 8, 2021 – Today, Kollectusa.com announced that it is offering secure and safe KF94 face masks for sale to the general public. Designed for use by professional frontline health workers, the KF94 face masks provide a higher level of safety to the people that need them. Many face coverings that look safe may not protect people at all. Surgical masks and cloth masks provide protection up to a point, but are not as effective as a quality KF94 mask.

“There is a huge demand for KF94 face masks,” said a spokesperson for Kollectusa.com. “We thought that the virus would begin to be less of a safety issue, but now with variants and the possibility of reinfection, we have ramped up the manufacture and distribution of our products. Initially there were shortages of the popular KF94 face masks because they are proven to protect people from exposure to the contagion of the coronavirus. Though there are other varieties of face masks available, the success of the KF94 mask has become more evident through word of mouth and reasonable cost.”

The coronavirus has continued to change the way that the world functions. Protection is the number one goal—protection from others is first. Next would be an infected person trying to protect others around them. Many asymptotic people have been passing particulates, which is why it is important for those infected or think they might be to not expose those around them to the possibility of infection.

The KF94 face masks fit comfortably around the nose and mouth. It includes a filtration feature that reduces exposure to other infectious diseases and from air pollution or smoke from fires. KF94 face masks are reusable and fluid resistant.

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