Get Extra Protection From Viruses and Bacteria With MASSCOPPER Masks

Get Extra Protection From Viruses and Bacteria With MASSCOPPER Masks
Copper woven masks help prevent cross contamination and even acne due to face masks.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has seen people all over the world drastically change how they live their day to day lives. People have adapted new normal habits such as social distancing, frequent hand washing, and wearing of masks, which are all designed to prevent further spread of diseases and infections. With face mask mandates everywhere and many types of masks available on the market, people want to know which type really makes a difference as far as protection is concerned. MASSCOPPER Masks has created face masks that are woven with copper, which is a natural antimicrobial material.

MASSCOPPER Masks are designed to help limit the wearer’s exposure to viruses and harmful bacteria. Unlike copper infused face masks, which are only sprayed with copper, MASSCOPPER Masks’ fabric are woven with 25% copper ion threads. Compared to copper infused masks, its antibacterial properties last even after washing. 25% is the maximum allowed quantity of copper for face masks. This makes the copper woven masks significantly more effective than copper infused masks.

The copper ion in each MASSCOPPER face mask generates oxidative stress on bacterial cells. This creates hydrogen peroxide and kills the microbes on contact. Copper ions also interfere with the proteins that help keep bacterial cells alive. According to the brand, scientists found that the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the same virus responsible for the current global pandemic, was no longer infectious after just four hours. This is remarkably lower compared to over 72 hours on plastic surfaces.

The bacterial filtration of MASSCOPPER face masks is equivalent to that of KN95 face masks. Aside from protecting the wearer from viral infections, it also helps prevent the “maskne” or acne located in the areas covered by masks. MASSCOPPER masks are made of material that dries faster than cotton, and has superior deodorizing properties.

The MASSCOPPER face masks come in two variants: the stretch mask and the cotton mask. The stretch mask is both comfortable and durable. It is gentle on the skin, and dries 4 times faster than cotton. It can be washed up to 30 times. Cotton face masks are also available for those who prefer cotton. The cotton masks come with a MASSCOPPER filter. The filers can also be purchased separately. They are designed to be used with the MASSCOPPER cotton mask or any other mask.

Both stretch and cotton face masks come in various colors and prints, and are available in small, medium, and large sizes. For more information on MASSCOPPER Masks, visit

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