Japanese Company Introduces Donabe – A Unique Ceramic-coated Water Repellant Clay pot with Bankoyaki

A Japanese company that has been manufacturing and selling pottery since the rise of Banko in the middle of the Meiji era has produced a popular unique clay pot known as Donabe. Uchiyama Seitosho Co. Ltd took an unconventional approach to manufacture the clay pot characterized by its strong heat storage capabilities and water repellant properties. 


Speaking about the new pot manufactured by the company, the spokesperson of the company emphasized the unique approach taken by the company to produce a pot that resolves cooking problems.

“The ceramic-coated clay pot developed by our company solves the problems of conventional clay pots and is a cooker familiar to young people and people who do not know how to use clay pots. Since clay pots are hygroscopic, they require pretreatment after purchase and have the disadvantage of being easily soiled. This is not the case with our pot since it has a ceramic coating on the surface making it hygienic easier to use and clean.”

In a YouTube video published by the company, the unique features of the pot such as its ability to repel water and ease of cleaning can be seen. Besides, the beautiful design of the pot including the color makes a meal look good on the table. It can be used to serve visitors, family, and friends. 

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The ceramic-coated clay pot has three layers which are the water-repellant layer from the inner, the glass layer in the middle, and finally the heat-resistant clay layer from the outside. Given that earthenware pots are harder to release heat than metal, one can enjoy warm dishes at the table for a long time. 

About Uchiyama Seitosho Co. Ltd.

Uchiyama Seitosho Co. Ltd. has a history of more than 100 years and was founded by one of the founders of Bankoyaki. We are also focusing on quality control, and have passed the heating test and lead cadmium elution test according to strict Japanese standards. All of our products are made in Japan at a factory in Mie, Japan. We employ employees with knowledge of chemistry at the university, and we are constantly fusing old and new technologies. We have many of the equipment necessary for pottery manufacturing, and we have manufactured various products, not limited to clay pots. This is because we have responded to the needs of our customers.

Name: Takafumi Uchiyama

Address: 1-979, Nishiakuragawa Yokkaichi city, Mie pref, Japan

Website: https://www.isuzugama.com/

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