PureLifeH2O Announces Salt-Free Water Purification System

Canadian customers can now take advantage of leading edge water filtration system.

The team at PureLifeH2O is thrilled to announce that they are bringing an all-new water purification system to consumers in Canada. This new innovation features a salt-water free purification system featuring real-time notifications and alerts.

PureLifeH2O provides turn key customized water treatment solutions hinged upon complete home water treatment featuring carbon filtration systems. “This not only improves the quality of your water but also gives you healthy and great tasting water from every faucet in your home,” said a spokesperson for PureLifeH2O. “We believe clean and healthy water enhances the quality of life.”

Clients looking for water softeners, complete home water solutions, and drinking water solutions can turn to PureLifeH2O for an array of solutions designed to yield optimal whole home water. The highly rated company has received a long list of positive reviews from clients. For instance, one recent client said, “Amazing water treatment system – the whole family is enjoying the soft water.”

Now, PureLifeH2O is happy to announce their innovative salt-free water purification system is available to consumers in Canada. By leveraging a different process for softening the water, consumers get an exciting alternative to salt-based water purification solutions. PureLifeH2O also accommodates the latest technology from Pentair, XTRi. This enables PureLifeH2O technicians to use WiFi to connect to Pentair Home and the Pro app to monitor system performance.

Plus, customers can also receive real-time alerts and notifications about their system as they enjoy their whole home monitoring from PureLifeH2O.

Clean drinking water is a real concern for people across Canada who are looking for purer, softer water. While there are other options on the market, PureLifeH2O comes as a highly rated Canadian leader who is committed to staying on the forefront of technology in water purification. With a strong dedication to customer satisfaction, PureLifeH2O is always looking to provide the very best experiences for their consumers.

Their team is available around the clock for questions, assistance, and everything in between. They are proud to offer competitive prices versus other alternatives on the market. PureLifeH2O is locally owned and is happy to offer same day services for customers. When a prospective customer contacts them, PureLifeH2O gets to work helping clients sift through available options and decide which strategies would work best for their situation. Initial consultations are based around knowing what benefits are available and how they can be applied. Then, techs provide professional installations and ongoing care as needed.

More information about all the options available can be found at https://www.purelifeh2o.ca/.

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PureLifeH2O offers clients turn key customized water treatment solutions.

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