Tocco Media Helps Locally Owned Gyms Grow With Leading Edge Marketing

As more and more people focus on personal fitness, locally owned gyms can grow their bottom line.

Recent data indicates that the U.S. gym industry has seen massive increases in revenue, topping $35 billion in 2019 alone. 81% of millennials are either working out already or show interest in going to the gym, solidifying the need for local gyms to beef up their marketing campaigns to capture local audiences. The team at Tocco Media is helping locally owned gyms grow their brands with leading edge marketing strategies.

One of the biggest problems in the fitness industry – particularly for small businesses – is that commercial gyms tend to dominate marketing and capture more audiences than smaller gyms. Tocco Media works with clients to build their brands to new heights. These clients include small, locally owned gyms, privately owned gyms with various locations, personal trainers, fitness studio owners, and others.

Clients seeking out Tocco Media can anticipate scaling their business to new heights, creating powerful and effective online presences, and dominating local online searches. The team at Tocco Media already has a strong track record in helping clients crush their marketing and sales goals. For example, one recent client saw their revenues grow from $14,000 to $108,040 in just six months, and in another case study, a client earned 29 hot leads with $88. This included an expected close rate of 30%, yielding an expected 9 new clients at $30 per month.

“I notice in my city the mainstream commercial gyms dominate the scene, pretty much monopolized the fitness industry,” said a spokesperson for Tocco Media. “The only reason for that is because mainstream commercial gyms take advantage of every path of marketing you can think of.”

Many small gyms are virtually unaware of what they could potentially accomplish with online marketing and still rely on the old, outdated marketing methods of the past. While there are many online marketing agencies that offer fitness marketing services for gym owners and the like, these strategies often fall short of what locally owned businesses need to be successful.

“I love growing in the gym, but I love growing gyms more,” said the founder of Tocco Media. Their team offers around the clock support and service to offer marketing assistance when it’s needed by experts in the fitness marketing field.

Currently, Tocco Media is accepting new clients who would like to find out how quickly they can grow their bottom line by implementing new and effective online marketing strategies for attracting local clients. More information can be found at

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Tocco Media helps gym owners grow their brand with leading edge fitness marketing strategies.

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