Life coach Alexandra Victoria turns to online platforms to help people discover themselves, achieve personal growth

Life coach Alexandra Victoria turns to online platforms to help people discover themselves, achieve personal growth
With the global pandemic putting a spotlight on issues of mental health, wellness and personal growth, leading life coach Alexandra Victoria has turned to online means to offer several programs to help people get unstuck and achieve what they never imagined possible.

“I believe that the universe doesn’t create anything but masterpieces. So, every individual is already a masterpiece. It is just a matter of finding out who they truly are inside. It’s about finding self-worth and self-love. That is where I come in,” Alexandra Victoria, CEO and founder of the same name, said in a recent press statement.

A leading life coach and spiritual mentor, Finland-based Alexandra Victoria seeks to help individuals one-to-one to giving them spiritual and practical knowledge, compassion, and encouragement, among other things, to aid people make their lives the way they want to live it. 

Alexandra Victoria is offering a free 30-minute clarity call to her clients to help them make the first step forward. After the call, clients will walk out with written positive action steps to move forward in their process, an awareness of what might be holding them back from reaching their goals, and renewed sense of energy and motivation towards their lives.

For her coaching programs, Alexandra Victoria offers a 90-minute “Breakthrough Session” worth 495 euros ($590) where clients will get a clear understanding of their goal and then map out a plan of action of how to get there. 

During the 90-minute session, Alexandra Victoria will help an individual evaluate his/her situation, set a goal, and create a plan of action. She will also give the person positive encouragement towards achieving his/her goals. 

“My coaching and mentorship are meant for individuals who want to dive deep into their lives and hearts and are willing to find what their heart is calling for. They are also for motivated persons who are ready to change their lives for the better, and for individuals who no longer want to be a victim in their lives where life seems to pass by without fully living it,” she said.

Alexandra Victoria also offers a three-month coaching program dubbed “Make a change” package, which seeks to help clients start making positive changes in their lives. Alexandra Victoria will help her coachee dig deep and understand what needs changing and rake positive actions towards that goal. The package, which is worth 1995 euros ($2400), includes six 60-minute sessions or six calls for three months. 

“During our 3-months together, we’ll work on their purpose, values, mindset, habits, relationships, and motivations to help them achieve that one goal they are working towards,” Alexandra Victoria said.

She also offers a 6-month coaching program called “Transform Your Life,” which seeks to help clients devise a clear plan to help them achieve their goals. The package, which is worth 3995 euros ($4,800) includes twelve 60-minute sessions or twelve calls for six months. 

In the “Make a Change” and “Transform Your Life” packages, Alexandra Victoria offers a 30-day “Happiness guarantee,” where clients will get a full refund of their payment if Alexandra Victoria’s life coaching and spiritual mentorship packages are not exactly what they need to overcome obstacles and reach their goals.

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