Introducing Todo De Zombie – One of Online Cinema’s Brightest Prospects

Introducing Todo De Zombie - One of Online Cinema's Brightest Prospects

If Zombie-enthusiasts are looking for a comprehensive online platform that exclusively focuses on zombies, then David and Gema have the product for them. 

Introducing Todo De Zombie

Todo de Zombie, or TDZ, is dedicated to all things zombie-related. Originally conceived as a mere entertainment outlet, the couple’s quality content quickly caught on as people began to take notice. Nowadays, TDZ writes for an audience of over 40,000+. 

Noticing a gap in the market, David and Gema sought to create a one-stop-shop for horror-lovers everywhere. Before TDZ was created, the Web did not have a pre-eminent outlet that specialized in the Zombie motif. Considering how popular this sub-genre is, the couple was surprised. They were also eager and passionate to take action. 

What Does Todo De Zombie Offer?

Todo De Zombie is a fitting antidote to this problem, however. Now, Zombie-enthusiasts have a platform where they can read all about the field’s latest developments, and get a lesson in its history. 

The blog and podcast are the brand’s main two anchor points. It’s where the couple’s infectious energy and clear passion are readily apparent for all to see. A film recommendation section was added by popular demand of TDZ readers. 

The Inspiration Behind TDZ

For David, his ‘eureka’ moment came after becoming familiar with legendary horror director George A. Romero. Inspired by the seminal director’s work, he began religiously watching the genre before branching out to other directors. Danny Boyle, Greg Nicotero, Robert Kirkman and Ruben Fleischer are just a handful of his favorite artists. 

David and Gema are never short of inspiration and perhaps that’s one of the reasons behind their growing success. As new films, books, and TV shows continue to change the game of apocalyptic entertainment, TDZ will be following it every step of the way, adding new content features and keeping its sizable audience on their toes for new projects. 

An Optimistic Future

“Some of my favorite films include Train to Busan, Dawn of the Dead, Zombieland, and 28 Days Later“, David stated regarding his inspiration. Staying true to their pioneer spirit, the couple has created the first-ever Spanish-speaking film library that is specifically tailored to the zombie market. 

The future looks bright for David and Gema. As their audience continues to grow and their brand continues to diversify, Todo De Zombie could very well be one of online cinema’s major players. They are deeply passionate about bringing zombie fans from all over the world together, and they look to be on the road to massive success. 

To keep in touch with David and Gema’s latest works, follow their Instagram page @tododezombie

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