The Top 4D Massage Chairs for 2021: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

4D massage chairs are the newest technology on the market. They are gaining in popularity because they can mimic a human massage because of the 4D rollers that have a unique ability to imitate a human massage therapist.

Succinctly stated, massage chair manufacturers are always working on improving the movement, depth, and accuracy of their product line’s massage rollers to provide an enhanced, more accurate massage. Most of the massage chairs available for purchase in today’s market are either fitted with 2D, 3D, or 4D rollers.

In summary, 2D rollers move side to side and may not be a good fit for someone who prefers a deep intense massage. In other words, the 2D rollers provide lesser of a deep massage than 3D rollers.

The 3D roller technology uses the 2D roller technology and takes it one step further. These massage rollers are found on the majority of massage chairs currently released. The most significant difference between the 2D and 3D massage rollers is the 3D rollers protrude further out from the massage track running down the back of the massage chair, providing a deeper back and shoulder massage.

Lastly, the 4D massage rollers are designed to give a deep tissue massage and offer the best penetration and precision. They can also turn and hit different angles that other rollers can’t.

Now that we understand the differences between the 2D, 3D, and 4D roller technologies, let’s take a look at four of the top 4D massage chairs available for purchase in 2021.

1. The Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair

The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid massage chair is advertised as a new category in the massage chair space. In summary, it is a hybrid model with a combination of both an L-shaped massage track and an inversion stretch function.

This chair is fitted with Daiwa’s trademarked FullBodyReach TM MultiStroke 6-Roller System. It is a new massage roller design, separating the upper and lower massage arms. The upper arm focuses on massaging the neck, shoulders, and upper back, while the lower arm simultaneously massages the lower back and legs.

The L-track design is a 49-inch track, the longest found in a massage chair, allowing the rollers to start higher up the body and end lower down the glutes and legs.

2. The JP Medics Kumo Massage Chair

The JP Medics Kumo massage chair is designed with a 44-inch L-track that runs from the base of the skull right down to the glutes, providing extra-long massage coverage and reaching more points, including the neck, shoulders, mid-back, and lower back, as well as the glutes.

The 4D massage rollers are also heated, not only giving a deep tissue massage because of their coverage, but the heat will also soothe sore, tired muscles, improving blood flow to the muscles, helping them heal and rejuvenate. As these rollers move along the L-track, they are spine-focused, accurately massaging the muscles running next to the spine as well as targeting the acupuncture points attached to the spine.

3. The Osaki OS 4D Pro Maestro LE massage chair

The Osaki OS 4D Pro Maestro LE massage chair is the latest iteration of the original Maestro chair. It’s been upgraded to perform a smoother, incredibly realistic 4D massage. The new 4D rollers are designed to give a broader, deeper, and more rhythmic massage than the previous model. The 4D back rollers heat up during the massage, simulating a hot stone massage.

Lastly, this chair also offers an adjustable massage with eight 4D adjustments, plus five strength, intensity, and speed adjustments, allowing users to customize the massage based on the user’s individual preferences.

4.  The Genesis Max Massage Chair

The Infinity Genesis Max massage chair is the model up from the Infinity Genesis SE. Consequently, it has taken the best of the SE chair, upgraded existing functionality, and added new features, like the foot massage, including kneading and oscillation, spinal correction and decompression stretch feature, and a relaxing metronome-based rocking motion.

As with all of the other 4D massage chairs described in this article, the 4D massage function mimics a human deep tissue massage. It also has an extra-long 49-inch L-track that extends from the neck to the glutes.


There is no doubt that the information presented above shows that buying one of these top 4D massage chairs is a good idea.

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