Expert Ant and Pest Exterminator Offers Affordable Services in Beaverton, Oregon

Ant and Garden Pest Control is an extermination service that provides pest control solutions for homes and gardens.

Beaverton, Oregon, United States – The Ant and Garden Pest Control service provides organic home-based control solutions for common house pests like ants, spiders, and other garden pests in Beaverton Oregon. For clients who are trying to rid their home of existing pests and looking for a safe alternative to prevent an infestation, Ant and Garden Pest Control is an affordable solution for them.

Ant and Garden Pest Control founder Ryan Smith is a fully licensed master technician and has been working in the field of pest control, soil and plant sciences, and organic gardening for 20 years. He has trained hundreds of employees through his expertise and knows plenty about organic gardening and pests.

Compared to all of his competitors, he is a professional with the most number of professional licensing in handling both indoor and outdoor pests and administering ornamental and agricultural insecticides and fungicides. He was also titled the USDA 2019 Technician of the Year which makes him one of the best and fully licensed master technicians to service clients’ homes all year round.

Being a professional pest exterminator, Ryan hopes to become the premier online resource for organic home pest control that clients can trust and depend on. Unlike his competitors, he does not gravitate towards a “one size fits all” approach to ant or home pest management. He understands the fact that everyone is unique and has different needs, hence he offers customized services and preventative maintenance to safeguard clients’ houses from unwanted critters.

His quality services are extremely affordable, as for only $39 per month clients can receive customized quarterly services and ongoing monitoring to ensure their home and the entire property are fully protected from ants and other pests. Clients can easily look forward to a healthy yard without the use of harmful chemicals that are injurious to health.

The customized services include ongoing monitoring visits where the master technician gets to know the client’s home, inside and out. Additionally, a full interior inspection for ants, mice, and other house pests is also part of the package. Checking the yard and garden for pests including slugs, snails, mildew, and fungal diseases in order to focus on locating and fixing existing vulnerabilities is a priority as well.

As a professional, licensed, and experienced master technician, Ryan has a no pest guarantee, which is solidified by regular quarterly visits to the client’s home to ensure that the older issues remain resolved. Other than this, emergency same day services are also available between a quarterly visit for any reason free of charge making Ant and Garden Pest Control a reliable and trustworthy extermination and pest control service for Beaverton and surrounding areas.

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