John Elijah Cressman Releases Final Book in his Popular LitRPG “Veil Online” Series

Feb 8, 2021 – Author John Elijah Cressman has released the third book in his popular fantasy series, Veil Online. The LitRPG adventure brings to a close the saga of Jace Burton. The hero will finally learn who is trying to kill him in the real world and who trapped him in the virtual game world. Available on Amazon, the books can be ordered in hardcover, paperback or Kindle edition, depending upon the book.

The fantasy series concludes with Jace, his cat familiar Luna, and friends desperately trying to reach the Help Desk before it’s utterly destroyed by a dragon. The virtual world is unforgiving and Jace ultimately needs to discover if he’s dead or alive in the real world.

In the first Veil Online book, the epic trilogy immerses readers in a possible future world in which the mind, essence, and DNA signature of an individual can be uploaded to the AI-enhanced virtual gaming world upon their death. Protagonist Jace Burton is a VR game programmer that awakens to discover he’s been inserted into a game. The problem – he knows he’s still alive.

Jace’s consciousness has been hijacked and instead of his high level standing in the game, he’s a low-level monster. Each time he dies, he’s loaded into another monster in the game, and discovers that he’s not the only one trapped in the game. In the Veil Online sequel Jace and company devise the only possible solution – reach the Help Desk. The plan has little chance of success, with the game’s inhabitants arrayed against him.

The Veil Online conclusion finds Jace flush with essential online game cash and holding the title of Baronet. Unlike others that had been inserted into the game upon their death, Jace is certain that he’s alive and well in the real world somewhere. If those in control realize a live person has been placed in the game, he’ll automatically be deleted – forever.

The third book in the Veil Online trilogy maintains the fast pace of the previous books and brings the fantasy series to a stunning conclusion. Enormous advances have been made in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and DNA mapping and all come together to create the world of Veil Online. The GameLit / LitRPG series is a fun read that gives readers a view into a world that could represent a very real future.

About John Elijah Cressman

John Elijah Cressmanis an author, magician, hypnotist, programmer, and long-time lover of roleplaying games and fantasy/sci-fi books. He still enjoys computer RPGs and MMORPGs, with his current favorite being Elder Scrolls online. He’s the author of Village of Hawkshead in Abduction Cycles, two books on hypnosis, and is currently working on the fourth book of the new fantasy series Abduction Cycles.

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