Alternet Systems Is Creating An EV Ecosystem That Rivals “Big EV” Competitors; Shares Surge As A Result

Alternet Systems (OTC: ALYI) finished a fantastic January and is having an even better February. Shares are currently trading at roughly $0.12, a 140% increase over last week. The best news is that despite the massive gain, investors expect that ALYI has much more room to run higher after reading its multi-media presentation about how the company plans to build its EV ecosystem. The comprehensive plan makes ALYI far more than a single product company. In fact, the projects at ALYI add diversification and service components into multiple billion-dollar-markets. (share price comparison calculated on Monday 2/8/21, 2:20pm est.)

If you are going to follow ALYI, you should become familiar with the word democratization. In respect to ALYI, it means that the company is focused on building an electric-vehicle ecosystem designed to continuously introduce new electric vehicles, supporting technology, and infrastructure components necessary to keep electric vehicle transportation on land, sea, or air. In short, it’s a comprehensive, all-encompassing entrance into an EV market that is soaring. For ALYI investors, democratization is a great thing. 

And although the ReVolt EV motorcycle is earning headlines as a potentially best-in-class electric motorcycle to serve the massive African boda-boda (taxi) market, investors learned through the ALYI presentation that the ReVolt is only one part of a much larger business plan. Moreover, ALYI has made clear that the success of the EV market depends on an entire network of contributors, and it requires an infrastructure that can help support various facets of a very technical market. ALYI is no longer keeping it a secret that they want to be a major player in multiple segments within the EV sector. 

Investors are buying into the ALYI story. 

Collaboration And Strategy Co-Exist

Alternet Systems is coming out hard in 2021. And the market that they are targeting to spearhead its initial growth is in Africa, a region with one of the lowest per-capital transportation ratios in the world. The great news is that Financial Times recently published an article highlighting the need for two and three-wheeled EVs to serve Africa’s ride-share markets. It’s a clear validation for ALYI and for its start-up focus. Moreover, although the African market is its first, ALYI calls it a stepping stone into the global market opportunity. 

The flagship ReVolt EV motorcycle roll-out is expected in Africa and North America later this year. The first bikes are planned to come off the line in July, making the first potential catalyst a big one. The Revolt is earning enthusiastic coverage from industry publications, with most recognizing the sleek design, powerful electric engine, and power reserve at the top of the industry standard. Now, with the production efforts in place, ALYI has launched efforts to build partnerships to establish collaborative efforts to maximize opportunities in the EV ecosystem that leverage mutual expertise.

And by putting the right teams in the right places, ALYI can set about on its mission to penetrate the valuable market, including vehicle design, battery technology, software and communications, and charging infrastructure. Two other initiatives are to promote an Electric Vehicle Symposium and bring the lifeblood of democratic empowerment to the markets- its RevoltTOKEN. 

The seeds for these initiatives have been sowed, and the company is now finding the right partners to create an efficient and seamless entrance into a massive market. 

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ALYI Products By Design

The first significant part of building its 6 part ecosystem has started. That comes as ALYI entered into a collaboration agreement with MODUS GROUP, an industrial design and engineering firm with over 200 patentable designs. MODUS immediately brings extensive EV experience, expertise in industrial design, and a level of knowledge on the engineering side that can accelerate ALYI’s presence in the space. 

ALYI also made a deal with iQSTEL Inc. (OTC: IQST) to take advantage of its portfolio of patented battery technologies. Beyond working with MODUS on the battery technology specific to the ReVolt, ALYI will leverage expertise from iQSTEL to build a custom, proprietary long-range EV battery solution. Specifically, the iQSTEL partnership will concentrate EV battery development efforts on HD Thin Film Lithium Battery technologies. That, though, is just a starting point. ALYI has said it also plans to develop new battery technologies using hemp and nanomaterial-based batteries. Hemp, for those that don’t know, is getting recognized for its potential use in various industrial products. It’s forward-looking but can create a massive opportunity for ALYI by being early to the product’s user profiles. 

Back to iQSTEL, whom ALYI is working with as a battery technology partner. In addition to that program, ALYI is also working with IQST in a joint-design program to co-develop two-way device communication solutions specifically for the EV markets. More specifically, the teams are working to develop a two-way device communication platform for its ReVolt motorcycle and future electric vehicles. The project is working to implement software and communications technology functions that include geolocation, battery management, theft and accident interfacing with EMS, and remote maintenance management. The technology is also being designed to support vehicle body and component leasing management, driver and passenger personal mobile interface, and a ride-share interface that can become a huge advantage when building out their markets. 

Charging Infrastructure Can Be Lucrative

The popularity of EVs in the North American markets has introduced charging stations to millions of drivers and consumers. Outside of North America, though, EV charging stations are few and far between. Obviously, having a charging station in an EV market is critical. In fact, it’s a part of the EV infrastructure that cannot be compromised. 

Targeting that part of the ecosystem equation, ALYI has plans to roll out its own “pilot” charging station solution in the African market. ALYI has identified several charging station solution potential partners to expedite the process and may have already placed the perfect match. In fact, ALYI has gone as far as noting that with a potential partnership near, they are positioning to provide off-grid solutions to benefit the developing markets. The company said they are expecting to make an announcement about a possible collaboration soon. That could be catalyst two.

The EV race and symposium are also high on the list of near-term strategic initiatives. 

Collaboration And RevoltTOKEN

Alternet Systems is clearly interested in finding the keystone to coordinate all of its EV collaborators in a long-term and continuous initiative. They expect to achieve this by attracting industry-leading talent and providing an opportunity to demonstrate their innovations at an annual symposium that could become the world’s EV focus. Coupled with a yearly EV race, the event could become the most-watched electric vehicle event of the year. Moreover, it would serve as the premier showcase for all talent, new vehicles, new technologies, and education about the EV market. As a promoter, the ALYI brand could become mainstream, and its reputation as a trusted partner in the EV sector could blossom quickly. Don’t underestimate the value of being popular in an emerging market. 

The next potential catalyst could come through ALYI’s Defi RevoltTOKEN. If all goes according to plan, RevoltTOKEN will be the company’s financing partner and ecosystem collaborator. RevoltTOKEN has already provided vital funding to advance ALYI’s business plan to its current stage. The alliance, going forward, can be a game-changer for ALYI to help penetrate multiple markets simultaneously. 

In their own words, RevoltTOKEN plans to “democratize the ALYI electric vehicle ecosystem” through the introduction of a dedicated cryptocurrency offering that provides holders participation in the company EV ecosystem and will be made available through a planned ICO. 

Once available, it’s expected that RevoltTOKEN will provide upwards of $100 million in investment capital to electrify ALYI’s growth. Those investments, made through the planned RevoltTOKEN cryptocurrency, could provide enough money to penetrate multiple markets, enjoy production economies of scale, and create a compelling and aggressive marketing campaign to introduce the world to ReVolt EV and Alternet Solutions. 

The good news is that even while RevoltTOKEN makes its way through the regulatory approval processes to launch its ICO, ALYI benefits from the relationship now. That’s great news for investors concerned about capital reserves.

The Ecosystem presentation showed that while there are many moving parts at ALYI, the best news is that they are moving together. That could be a reason that investors rushed to the stock on Friday after the presentation to bid shares higher by 23% to $0.11 at press time. But, taking into account the entire offering by ALYI, the market cap of only about $1 million still may substantially undervalue the company. 

Thus, expectations are for the stock to run appreciably higher. And any announcement, on any given day, could spark a rally that would cause fence-sitters to slump. At current levels, the opportunity appears to be substantial.


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