Sun Group Vietnam – The Best Community and Resort Developers in Vietnam

Sun Group Vietnam - The Best Community and Resort Developers in Vietnam

Hoan Kiem, Hanoi – When it comes to structures that are integral and awesome, the Sun Group has a mission to make their area beautiful. The buildings that the group does are generally high end. They also though do resort and entertainment areas.

Sun Group has the ideal locations. These are areas with a lot of sunshine and beaches. Currently, they are building projects on Ngoc Island. For example, they are developing Sun Grand City. The project is by Phu Quoc airport. It is by 975 arterial roads. This project can be driven from the other projects that the group is working on on the island.

People who love to be by the ocean and palm trees will love the ambiance that some of these developments provide. There are lush green spaces planned for the between portions of the structures. From an aerial view, the island can look small, but when people get there, there is a lot to do. There are even cruise ships that go to the area. The urban area is 400ha on the coast of Dat Do.

There will be residences as well as entertainment that is built on the island by Sun Group Phu Quoc. This entertainment includes four theme parks, a school hospital, sports complex, riverside promenade, central parking area, music square, flower garden, and other amenities.

The other projects of the areas they work in are just as extensive. The Sun Group Da Nang is building Nam Hoa Xuan Urban Area Da Nang. This is a residential community that is by the paradise peninsula. This is an area for people to enjoy who like a peaceful life by the river and palm trees. There are also shopping developments planned for this area.

Similarly, Sun Group Joint Stoc and Sun World Vietnam are in the works. This is an ambitious company with an extensive profile. There are two offices, one in Ho Chi Minh City and one in Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. Those who are looking for an overview of the projects in English should contact the media liaison for more directions. They have an English site in Google Translate that they may be able to send over. Alternatively, they can phone the mainline at 0933 53 77 53 or e-mail

Many of these apartment complexes are sprawling. The Sun Group is not afraid to do high rise condos. A person can also e-mail at The Sun Group has time and resources to answer calls however the best bet is to contact the media contact for service in English.

Anyone who is excited about beautiful buildings and developing tropical territories into centers for fun and laughs can get behind the mandate of this organization. It is definitely a promising set of plans that is backed by an organization that has a lot of motivation to see it through.

Sun Group is located at 19th Floor – Vincom Dong Khoi Building, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. They can be reached by e-mail at Additionally, you can phone the reception at 0933 53 77 53.


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