Caleb DeGraw shines in “Happy’s”, An Award Winning Independent Film

The young actor plays the lead role in this black and white independent film.

Waterloo, Iowa, USA – February 9, 2021 Happy’s is an award-winning independent film featuring young actor Caleb DeGraw as Landon Ward.

The movie tells the story of Landon, a young man moving to town because of a mysterious scholarship. After the work-study tied to his program falls through, he is fortuitously guided by an eccentric attorney and employed by a well-known liquor store chain in the region.

Happy’s has recently been awarded  Best Comedy at the Europe Film Festival and is competing in several other festivals.

Caleb DeGraw, the young actor who plays Landon Ward, is currently a senior at New Hampton High School in New Hampton, Iowa. DeGraw was elated to be tasked with leading the project.

“My experience with Happy’s was nothing short of amazing. Being the lead role gave me the best experience I could get when it comes to introducing myself to acting in the film, having the movie based around me and my character really allowed me to learn what goes into filmmaking. I got to see everything that goes into creating a movie,” states Caleb DeGraw.

“We were a little leary with Caleb being so much younger than the character he played, but everyone trusted he was the best choice. Don was fully behind the decision to cast him, He was perfect for this role.” – Bram Zwingli, Producer.

This feel-good comedy, starring Caleb DeGraw, Matt Lee Ingebritson, Gary Van Wert, is directed by Don Tjernagel and produced by Don Tjernagel, Bram Zwingli, Clint Boevers. Written by Don Tjernagel, and James Frazier.

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