Dental Intelligence Releases Unprecedented Insight on Dentistry in the Year of COVID

Exclusive analysis of over 10,000 practices shows how data will change dentistry forever.

The results are in! Dental Intelligence has analyzed how 2020 affected over 10,000 dental practices across the nation, and the conclusions could not be more clear. Hundreds of thousands of data points have given dentists a speculation-free picture of the toll COVID took on the industry, from the smallest private practice to large DSOs. And thankfully, it’s not all bad news. With the right data-driven strategies, the future looks hopeful.

The entire report is free at Inside, there is in-depth analysis of 11 key metrics, 5 essential takeaways for 2021, and the surprising answers to questions that every practice should ask. For example:

Even though the average dental practice lost patients in 2020, the top 10% of practices grew their patient bases by 18%. How was that possible during a pandemic? What are the top 10% doing that the average practice is not?

All practices, even the bottom 10%, increased same-day treatment acceptance percentage. What does that mean for patients, and for the future of case acceptance strategy?

Forecasted hygiene appointments plummeted by almost 60% in Q3 and Q4, but the top 10% of practices barely flinched. How were they able to predict and prevent that drop when other practices weren’t?

Data doesn’t lie, and the stories it tells will determine whether a practice sinks or floats, both in good times, and in times like 2020.

Best of all, anyone in the dental industry can get a personalized 2020 breakdown for their practice at absolutely no cost. With that personal breakdown, they’ll see how they measure up to the rest of the industry in every last key metric that this unprecedented study contains. Are they in the top 10%? What is the data predicting for them?

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