The biggest fear any business owner has is selling to people.

The biggest fear any business owner has is selling to people.

“A salesman sells a deal to a couple”
Many people have a natural fear of sales; it’s a very vulnerable place for many. However, if someone wants to be a successful entrepreneur or business person in general, they need to become comfortable asking for money, which is what sales boils down to. These tactics will help people get over their fear of selling and become a more confident salesperson.

The fear of sales is all too common. After all, asking people for money isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially if a person has never done it before.

Unfortunately, this fear keeps people from their full earning potential. It keeps us stuck in a rut, not just financially, but in other areas of our lives, too, such as when we need to negotiate or persuade someone to do something for us.

The exciting news is people can overcome this fear with a few mindset shifts. Below is where interested parties can find steps to overcome the fear of sales once and for all finally.

Realize It’s Already Being Done

One of the best ways to conquer the fear of sales is to realize as a salesperson; it’s already being done. If someone is a living and breathing human being, there’s a good likelihood that they’re selling on a daily basis. Perhaps someone runs their own business, maybe someone negotiated time off at their job, or someone may have even persuaded to pick up some extra duties around the office.

Let’s remember that it is just sales.

Shift The Mindset

One thing that is taught to people is that people are not really selling; they are sharing.

People have solutions to other peoples’ problems, and someone’s telling them about it. That’s it. This flips the fear of sales on its head as people realize it’s not what they actually thought it was. It’s not coercing anyone to anything, and it’s not a used car salesman.

Learn how to Handle Rejection

Things like “We need to think about it” or “We can’t afford it” aren’t necessarily rejections. They’re simply objections that can be handled. The problem is people often see these statements that are defensive, hostile, etc., and the fear of sales is reinforced.

This is the time to ask if they have any questions or inquire as to what would make someone’s service worth the investment to them. Simply put, don’t just let the conversation end there.

If you need coaching on making sales happen, reach out to Michael Waknin; Michael is a very experienced sales professional who also teaches business courses and consults with businesses.

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