Locksmith 4 You Shares Trade Secrets

Locksmith 4 You Shares Trade Secrets
Locksmith 4 You, a St. Louis owned and operated locksmith company, has revealed to the public several secrets of the locksmith trade.

St. Louis, MO – As a public service, Locksmith 4 You has announced to the public many of the techniques used by experienced locksmiths.

Stuck Keys

When consumers get their car key stuck in the ignition, Locksmith 4 You has several strategies that consumers might try to get the key unstuck. 

Saw Blade

If they can find a jigsaw blade, this might work.  Jigsaw blades are very very thin so a car owner might be able to slip the blade into the lock next to the blade.  Juggle it a little bit and the jigsaw blade can catch onto the side of the key and the car owner might be able to pull the key out.

Gear Shift

Sometimes a key gets stuck in the ignition because the car is not in park.  The car owner can check to see what gear the car is in.  They can then try to move the gear shift into park.  Some cars will not let the gear shift move.  But other cars will let the gear shift move and then the key will come out.  

Steering Lock

A Car locksmith can tell you that the steering lock on some cars can get stuck. The car owner should try yanking on the steering wheel, either to the right or to the left.  Sometimes just a gentle pull will loosen the key.  

It’s Not a Knife 

Some people use their key like a knife.  It’s just so handy when a package comes and there isn’t a knife handy.  The only problem is that the packing tape eventually leaves a sticky residue on the key.  Spraying solvent into the lock might dissolve the sticky stuff. 

About Locksmith 4 You

Locksmith 4 You- car key replacement is a locally owned and operated locksmith company with 9 locations in the St. Louis area. Their technicians are licensed and insured. They provide emergency service 24/7 for both residential and commercial customers.

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