Mister Bermuda Explains the Benefits of Vertical Carbon Feeding in Maintaining a Pristine Lawn

Vertical Carbon Feed™ is a simple and effective way to promote balanced soil and encourage root strength and growth.

Anyone interested in maintaining a healthy lawn typically relies on the same tried and true advice: “Weed and feed.” But what does that actually entail? Is there really more to it than good sunlight, a regular watering schedule, and the occasional fertilizer?

Mister Bermuda, a team of lawn care professionals located in Austin, Texas, believes that there is. While they offer a host of organic based treatments that focus on promoting growth and strong roots, the true “meat” of their work is focused on what’s happening beneath the surface. If a lawn’s soil is unbalanced, undernourished, or is generally unhealthy, then there’s a good chance that any attempt to create an attractive lawn and landscape will be a wasted effort.

Employing a Vertical Carbon Feed is a simple and effective way to promote balanced soil, encourage root strength and growth, and produce a lawn that isn’t nearly as susceptible to weeds and infestations. This specific treatment plan focuses on feeding the microbes within the soil, enabling them to reproduce and multiply, which in turn gives the grassroots everything needed to increase their mass by at least 30%. A strong root structure ensures that highly desirable lush and green landscape.

Plants, including grass lawns, are naturally made up of 50% carbon, so giving them easy access to this nutrient is regarded as a beneficial step in maintaining the health of both soil and root structure. While many fertilizers may contain some amount of carbon, a true Vertical Carbon Feeding delivers a healthy and powerful dose of carbon that immediately takes effect within the soil.

Mister Bermuda believes that all of the best feed products are carbon-based, include soil conditioners, and can be applied directly to the leaf and crown of the grass. From there, the feed can make its way down the plant’s vascular system and into the roots, working to increase the energy and carbon levels of the plant and promoting microbe biological population and activity. Through this process, the grassroots are able to thrive due to the increase in nutrients.

Applying a Vertical Carbon Feed in the Early Spring or late fall once there is a reduced threat of frost and no chance of overnight freezes, is considered to be the most effective method and is believed to ensure that there is a good amount of nutrients ready when the grass begins its growing season. Encouraging a balanced soil that includes all the nutrients the grass and its roots require is a great place to start, which is exactly what Vertical Carbon Feed provides and why lawn care professionals find it to be an essential and effective component of any lawn care regimen.

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