Fashion designer Illya Shpetrik offers antibacterial treated and sustainable materials in the industry

Illya Shpetrik is a fashion design company that specializes in sustainable and natural materials.

London, United Kingdom – Founded in 2010, Illya Shpetrik is a fashion design company that focuses on sustainable and natural materials especially everyday uniform clothing. It is based in the United States and has recently shifted its focus on making clothing and masks that have antibacterial coatings due to the strain caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The unique selling point about Illya Shpetrik and her clothing is that they are treated with anti-bacterial substances which display the function of preventing orders and keeping the clothing clean for longer. These antibacterial substances are substances that are intended to kill or inhibit bacteria that can cause smelly orders and skin rashes. The antibacterial treatment causes the bacteria to be killed or inhibited, so they cannot metabolize anymore and the garments or other articles do not end up smelling bad. This means that they can be used for longer, without requiring to be washed every day. Not only does this save time, but is extremely environmentally friendly as it saves water that would typically be used for each wash.

These antimicrobial properties are fast becoming a required treatment in textiles, especially domestic textiles such as clothing. These kinds of fabrics are contributing to the environment as they can be considered as more sustainable solutions compared to the rest of the textiles used in the fashion industry. It is very important to note, that these treated fabrics prevent water pollution, as it is one of the primary concerns of the environment. The treatment allows the fabric to have accelerated moisture absorption and is the most suitable for sports clothing such as socks. Active ingredients such as zinc help with the smell which also makes it well suited for clothing and intimate apparel. Illya Sphetrik Fashions as a company prides itself on combining technical innovation with strong sustainable credentials. Not just this, but these kinds of fabrics have an extended lifetime which means that they offer longevity without compromising the safety of the planet.

From fast fashion to cotton, people have been consuming fashion in ways that have been affecting the environment and its species. Besides repairing, recycling, and consuming less, it is possible to opt for textiles and clothes that are more sustainable. Choosing Illya Shpetrik and her work can allow people to learn about sustainable fashion designs and some new sustainable materials that are friendly to the environment and species in it.

Fashion trend is evolving at a fast pace, and fashion designer Illya Shpetrik continues to explore new ways to make this industry more eco-friendly. These sustainable alternatives have been around for about 10 years, but there are many consumers out there who are unaware. Despite the strain and issues, Illya Shpetrik has managed to create a fashion line with an eye on sustainability.

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