Carmelo Rodriguez: The Author, Army Veteran, Filmmaker, Speaker, and Life Coach Taking Multiple Industries by Storm

Carmelo Rodriguez: The Author, Army Veteran, Filmmaker, Speaker, and Life Coach Taking Multiple Industries by Storm

“A story can be told a thousand ways,” explains Carmelo Rodriguez as he describes what motivated him to build his brand. As a man who has mastered many crafts, he has successfully used various platforms to touch many people’s lives. His endeavors have even landed him on the list of the Top 20 Most Influential Persons in 2020. Today, the jack of all trades continues to achieve more milestones as he works on producing another book and the upcoming film “Fight for Your Life.” 

Carmelo Rodriguez is a six-time author, Amazon top seller, military veteran, life coach, and filmmaker. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s in Business Administration. He is also the recipient of several post-graduate certifications such as Executive Negotiations from Harvard Business School and certifications on crisis intervention, corporate crisis management, and conflict management. He also served the army with utmost zeal and dedication, which led his military stint to be heavily decorated and exceptional. 

After serving the country, Carmelo Rodriguez turned to his passion for empowering and inspiring other people through stories. He is the successful author of six books, including the Amazon top-seller Dead Soldier: Story of the Living, The Hardest Language, Team LEO: Hold the Line, and We Are Human Too.

Carmelo Rodriguez is also a certified life and confidence coach. He has guided and helped several people from all walks of life take on their respective journeys in life. In line with this, he is currently designing a self-development program for military service members who are in the process of transitioning into civilian life as his way of giving back to the community. 

As an author, Carmelo Rodriguez adopts an experiential perspective where he takes readers to different worlds through his eyes’ lens. He takes the same approach in his other crafts, such as in vlogs and films. This explains how he gained massive traction and became known for his vlog “Life of a Deadman” on YouTube. As a motivational speaker, he has also had several speaking engagements, including a nomination for a TED Talk.

At present, Carmelo Rodriguez is taking on various projects. For starters, he is in the works of writing Just Write the Book, which will be released on March 17, 2021. He is also in the process of finalizing the written script for Dead Soldier: Story of the Living since the book will soon be turned into a web series film. Moreover, he is most excited about co-directing and producing the upcoming film Fight for Your Life.

Without a doubt, Carmelo Rodriguez possesses an extensive background and rich experience in various professional fields. However, he still sees himself as a learner with so many more to explore. For the veteran turned author, learning is a never-ending process, and as he continues this lifelong journey, he hopes for others, in turn, to learn from him.

To know more about Carmelo Rodriguez, you may check him out on his official website.

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