The Must Need Tool in the Best Barber in NYC’s Tool-Kit: The Feather Razor

Nestled in the Upper East Side is esteemed barber shop, Artisan Barber. When clients enter the barber shop they’ll find a welcoming and invigorating environment, curated by some of the best barbers in New York City.

These are barbers who know their trade like the back of their hand; from different cuts and styles to most importantly, tools. Bronx-raised Mike Singh, known as Mike Scissorhands, is one of the talented barbers that this premium barber shop in NYC gets to call their own and as someone who’s been in the game for years, he knows exactly which tools are necessary to have in a barber tool-kit.

Singh named five tools that are essential is his toolkit, although amongst the five there is one that stands out the most. The skilled barber can always be found with a five-star shaver, straight razor, thinning shears, 8-inch shears and most importantly the feather razor.

Mike holds the feather razor in high esteem because it allows him to put his “unique stamp on a haircut.” With the feather razor Singh can texturize hair, remove weight, and sometimes even cut hair with it, ultimately giving the best men’s haircut in NYC.

“The feather razor is a magical tool, it’s one of my favorite tools,” Singh shares. “Other barbers don’t use feather razors because it’s not really in the barber regimen, it’s more on the stylist end of things as far as tools go.”

Singh, one of the best barbers in New York City, typically puts his favorite razor to use when handling longer hair, the aforementioned tool, the thinning shear works perfectly on short hair but doesn’t quite do the job for long hair. Feather razors are more versatile in that it can also be used on shorter hair and still operate seamlessly.

Much like feather razors, there aren’t too many barbers, at least old-school ones, that use thinning shears today. However, Singh is unlike other barbers which is what keeps him and tips like these ahead of the game.

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