Leadership Expert Marcus A. Wright Launches Life-Changing Coaching Platform Marcus A. Wright, LLC

Leadership Expert Marcus A. Wright Launches Life-Changing Coaching Platform Marcus A. Wright, LLC

Since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down, public establishments have encouraged staying indoors, and online content demand increased dramatically. As people decided to put the enforced lockdown periods to fair use, the need for materials on self-growth, reinvention, and reflection skyrocketed.

Determined to satisfy the growing demand and help people walk away from the pandemic as better versions of themselves, the sought-after leadership expert Marcus A. Wright finally launched his coaching platform.

A Chicago native born in Maywood, Illinois, Marcus A. Wright is highly regarded as a master of personality development and emotional intelligence experience. His work, which encompasses a 25-year long career marked by countless success stories, has inspired individuals to reach higher levels and elevate to accomplishment. 

His winning strategies as an EQ specialist, enchanting and infectious personality have led to the growth of executives, senior management staff, and teams from all levels – a group he plans to expand with his long-awaited virtual venture.

Through the newly-established Marcus A. Wright, LLC, the outstanding coach and entrepreneur is committed to helping people understand themselves and become the citizens America needs to thrive amid the jet-setting health crisis.

“We are in one of the most stressful times in the United States, let alone the world,” he says. “The world is under so much stress, and how can they cope with it?” With Marcus A. Wright, LLC carrying its owner’s lauded, extensive experience and track record, the answer stands as a neon-colored sign.

On the training and coaching platform, Marcus will be using his 25 years of success in dealing with a diverse set of personalities and issues. Despite the different types of people he has helped, the lesson remains the same. Deal and win with the self first to successfully take on the world.

Ensuring that this lesson is engraved in his students’ souls, the certified emotional intelligence and behavioral consultant applies unique and specially-developed strategies. “I use real-life experience, assessments, and storytelling to teach emotional intelligence and self-awareness. My training is simple and applicable to the average or executive influencer.”

Promoting critical tools of communication, survival, and success, Marcus encourages his audience with the message, “Impossible is nothing but lack of focus.” Dreams are realities waiting to be achieved through passion and diligence, starting from oneself and working its way out to the world. 

Following the same sequence but in a different context, Marcus A. Wright is currently developing a program that will stretch to international waters. While continuing to dominate the industry and inspire individuals to rise as emotionally intelligent and vibrant groundbreakers, the influential coach will be launching a venture specially designed to train leaders across continents in a few years. 

Get to know the dynamic emotional intelligence and personality coach. Stay updated on Marcus A. Wright’s life-changing venture, and the helpful programs designed to elevate individuals amid and after the COVID-19 pandemic rises to a higher level. Visit Marcus A. Wright, LLC on its official website.

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