Conquer public speaking anxiety with Beth Wolfer’s “30-Day Fearless Public Speaking Challenge”

Seasoned public speaking coach and  associate instructor at the University of Utah, Beth Wolfer, is set to launch the “30-Day Fearless Public Speaking Challenge – a step-by-step program to overcome your fear of public speaking and create your best talk ever, even if you’ve tried and failed before.”

Public speaking anxiety is a problem among many, both old and young. In fact, people of all ages and occupations struggle with public speaking — 77% of the US population feels some public speaking anxiety. So much so that famed British jurist of the 1900s, Sir George Jessel once quipped that: “The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops… until you stand up to speak in public.”

Available statistics show that only 8% of those who have public speaking fear seek professional help despite the documented impact on career and wages. Beth Wolfer created this 30-Day Fearless Public Speaking Challenge to break this trend and encourage people to seek professional help, consequently becoming a better version of themselves.

“What I can tell you is that it IS possible to overcome your fear of public speaking and to structure a passionate, powerful talk, regardless of your fear or your experience. Thirty days of step-by-step action plans. Exactly what you need to do every single day of the 30 days (emailed to you daily, so you never miss a bit),” Beth declared.

Beth got into coaching public speaking several years ago, sort of by accident. She joined the organizing committee of my local TEDx event (TED-type talks, organized by volunteers). “At first, I was helping in general ways, but then one of the speaker coaches moved away, and I raised my hand to step in to help. I am really good at showing people the positives in what they are doing as well as suggesting how to make their talk even better,she recalled.

From there, Beth’s career as a public speaking coach grew in leaps and bounds. Today, she has expanded from working with a small subset of speakers (TEDx) to larger and more diverse audiences – scientists, business people, colleagues, animal shelter executives, presidents of companies, professors, doctors, and people who just want to be more comfortable, better presenters.

Perhaps, a testament to Beth’s proficiency as a public speaking coach are the rave reviews she’s elicited from her clients. “Beth was instrumental for me helping truly own my voice and dig down deep for my TEDx training and further for my public speaking growth. She taught me the power that less is more when speaking and writing. She has an innate ability to understand and see that your subconscious has more to say. I encourage anyone who wants to truly express themselves to work with Beth.” – Lance A, a speaker whose talk has millions of YouTube views.

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